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Choosing the right electrician doesn’t have to be a long, drawn-out process. In this day and age, we all know that referrals are everything, especially those online reviews that everyone has come to love. But there are other things to consider after researching Google reviews before hiring the right service professional for your home/business. KB Electric LLC has come up with a small list of 8 tips for choosing the right electrician so that you can worry less about who’s entering your home, and feel more confident about who’s handling your electrical needs.



8 Tips For Choosing The Right Electrician

Here is a small list of things to consider before allowing an electrician to enter your home, as well as things to take into consideration when collecting estimates from multiple electrical contractors. 


1. Search For Electricians Online, And Then Research The Companies

First thing is first. Start your Google search for electricians in your area. What comes up?

Remember: An electrician with a physical office location not real close to you usually also services a lot of areas, and probably yours. Don’t just solely choose an electrician based on who is closer to your home or business address; this is because a lot of contractors have guys living in all areas, and most start out there day from home anyway, and NOT at the physical location. Chances are if they are physically located in your county or neighboring county, they will service your home or business. Check out there website for service areas or give them a call and ask!

Once you have a few names of electricians, it’s time to get into the head of a millennial by reading their online reviews! Are there a lot of reviews? Little reviews? Do the good reviews outweigh the bad reviews? Do as much research as you can on the company name online first. This will give you a good idea of their reputation, expertise, professionalism, etc.


2. What’s The Electrician’s Website Entail?

Once you have narrowed down a few companies you like, it’s time to check out their website. Does their website answer most of your questions like their service area? Is the website easy to navigate? A good contractor’s website will show you what areas they service, what types of projects/jobs are in their realm of work, photos of their work, coupons/deals, and testimonials/reviews, among other things.


3. Is The Electrician Licensed and Insured?

One of the most important things to look for on an electrician’s website is if the company is licensed and insured. If the electrician is insured, this will protect you and your property if anything out of the ordinary were to happen with an accident or property damage. If the electrician is licensed, this means they have the field and course/class experience completed to ensure safety and accuracy on any electrical job. 


4. Experience and Qualifications

Not all electricians are created equal. Some have extra credentials in differing parts of the electrical field. For example, KB Electric LLC has completed courses and has a lot of field experience with installing electric vehicle chargers for homes. KB Electric LLC is a certified Tesla charger installer, and is featured on Tesla’s website for this as well. Some electrical contractors may not have a lot of experience with installing these because they just started installing them, or maybe they don’t install them at all.

KB Electric LLC also has a lot of experience with swimming pool wiring (installing pool lights, hooking up pool pumps and heaters, etc.). Some electrical contractors may not be well versed in the swimming pool wiring field, or don’t have a lot of field experience with it. Some electrical contractors won’t even touch swimming pools.

This is all to say that when doing your research in tip #1, don’t leave out the specific job you need done. Experience and qualifications vary from electrician to electrician. Choosing the right electrician for your specific needs is key for safety and accuracy. 


5. References

It’s very important for an electrical contractor to have a list of references for you if you want them, especially with commercial jobs. If the electrician is very good at what they do and has a great relationship with their customers, it means that they are a very reputable company. It shouldn’t be hard at all for the electrician to hand over some references for you to call up if they are indeed reputable in the area. 


6. Appearance and Attitude

Appearance and attitude speaks volumes.  An electrician in a new work van that is dirty and full of trash may very well be skilled, but maybe he’ll leave your house the same way….

How an electrician is dressed, speaks to you, and represents the company with his attitude and work-ethic are things to consider when choosing the right electrician for any job or project. It is very important for professionalism in the service field.


7. What Does The Company And Their Members Stand For?

It’s good to know what the company believes in and what they stand for. Are they involved in the community they are a part of? Are their team members honest and friendly? Do they have any form of discounts for service members or seniors?

Maybe one electrician stands out more than another because of these certain factors that may be important to you. Do the research to find out if they are just more than an electrical company….serving others speaks volumes as well, and this may say something about the character of the business and the people that work for it.


8. Are Prices Fair And Competitive?

Compare project scopes, and not just numbers. This mean, the cheaper option isn’t always the best option. For example, are the proper things being installed for the project? Is it just screwing an outlet in the wall, or does it require other necessary parts in order for the job to be up-to-code and safely wired? Ensure everything is detailed with a price so that you can easily get an idea of what the job will cost so you can make a sound decision on who to hire for the job.