All About Dimmer Switches

Controlling the lighting in any part of the home is possible with a simple dimmer switch. Picture this scenario:

It’s your significant other’s birthday today, and you are all set to devise a surprise with a homemade spaghetti dinner complete with that favorite bottle of cabernet. After setting the dinner table, you realize, “Man, these lights over the table are just too darn bright! I’m trying to set a mood here!” If only you had a way to control the brightness of the light over the table to compliment this great, romantic dinner you made for two.

With the installation provided by a licensed electrician, a dimmer switch can easily be added for versatility to your existing light fixtures to set that mood for those romantic dinners. Adjusting the brightness of any light by using a dimmer switch is a great way to create ambiance, while saving energy and extending the life of the bulb.


Types of Dimmer Switches

  • The Slide Dimmer

    Just like it sounds, the slide dimmer is a sliding switch to adjust the lighting. Some are fixed next to the main switch that turns the light on and off, and some are replaced by the main on and off switch with just the slide that also powers the light on and off, as well as adjusting the lighting.



  • The Touch Dimmer

    A touch dimmer allows you to control the lighting with a simple touch screen, or a one-touch button system. Some touch dimmers use a recall setting to switch back to the previous setting used, and some also come with a remote control.



  • The Rotary Dimmer

    A rotary dimmer is a manual dial that adjusts the lighting by turning it left and right, and pushing the dial in to power the light on and off.


After you have chosen the dimmer switch that is right for you, call KB Electric LLC and have one of our licensed master electricians install some in your home. Dimmer switches create the perfect ambiance for any room, especially when paired with recessed lights. If you aren’t familiar with recessed lighting, check out our blog here for more information. Dimmer switches also extend the longevity of light bulbs when the light is adjusted, saving energy and costs as well. If you are looking for light versatility in the rooms of your home, dimmer switches are a no-brainer.