Bathroom Dimmer Switch: The Best Bathroom Addition For Your Lighting

Hi everyone! It’s Melanie, marketing and office coordinator at KB Electric LLC. I wanted to share a quick personal story with everyone about dimmer switches, specifically the bathroom dimmer switch. 

Let’s go back to when my husband (owner of KB Electric) re-did our entire bathroom, from the new bath tub to the lighting. This was about 5 years ago now. I remember like it was just yesterday though:

I woke up to my bladder screaming. At 1am, I made my way to the bathroom, and flipped on the light. To my surprise, the light wasn’t blinding, and I was able to go back to sleep fairly quickly after my little bathroom break. I thanked my husband the next morning for his brilliant idea of putting our bathroom vanity lights on a dimmer switch, and thanked him even more for having the lights already dimmed down low before me. 

This is just one example of how a bathroom dimmer switch is completely necessary for bathroom lighting. My eyes were still able to adjust to the dimmed down lighting, and they were also adjusted quickly to the dark afterward, allowing me to arrive safely to my bed within seconds.


bathroom dimmer switch


Why Should I Get A Bathroom Dimmer Switch Installed?


Middle Of The Night Wake-Up Calls

As demonstrated earlier, a dimmer switched installed on your bathroom lights make it bearable on your eyes when nature calls in the middle of the night. You won’t get that initial shock when flipping them on, and it will be easier to fall back asleep if the eyes aren’t stimulated with bright lights. When dimmed, the lighting also will make it easier for the eyes to adjust back to the pitch black again, so you won’t stub your toe on anything or walk into a wall/closed door while getting into bed…listen, it’s happened before. 


Customizable For Different Tasks

Want a relaxing bubble bath with ambiance? Who wants bright shining lights in their face when trying to relax? If you don’t need bright lighting for certain things like this, it’s awesome to have the option of dimmable lighting. 


Energy Saving

Simultaneously, if we don’t need bright lighting for certain tasks, dimming them also saves energy and energy costs. 


Hiring A Licensed Electrician For A Bathroom Dimmer Switch

When we talk about adding a dimmer switch for your bathroom lights, we want it done safely and efficiently. This is why we as electricians recommend hiring a professional for installation (duh). We have the proper tools and wiring knowledge to install a dimmer switch for any type of bathroom light fixtures.

Whether they are recessed lights, sconce lights, vanity lights, etc., the licensed electricians at KB Electric LLC can help you install a bathroom dimmer switch for added control, convenience, and savings on energy costs. Call us today! We are electricians serving Montgomery County, Chester County, Bucks County, Delaware County, and Berks County, PA. (267) 467-3178