Bathroom Exhaust Fan Safety Tips: Montgomery County, PA Electrician

A bathroom exhaust fan is a must-have for any type of bathroom. Exhaust fans prevent mold and mildew build-up on your bathroom tiles, shower stalls, curtains, walls, etc. by sucking up moisture in the air. Check out our previous blog on the benefits of exhaust fans to learn more about how they can also save you on costly bathroom expenses, among other things.

KB Electric LLC has put together some exhaust fan safety tips for the prevention of electrical hazards that can occur in your bathroom. We also have some questions for you that will be answered within these safety tips if your existing exhaust fan isn’t performing as it should:

  • Do you have a bathroom exhaust fan already, but still see a fair share of mold and mildew popping up on your tiles? Do you see moisture stains on your walls and ceiling?
  • Does your fan have noticeable burn marks and/or a burning odor when used?
  • Do your breakers trip frequently when you turn the exhaust fan on?



Bathroom Exhaust Fan Safety Tips


  1. Clean Your Exhaust Fan

This is probably the most important safety tip for bathroom exhaust fans. Bathroom exhaust fans should be cleaned at least twice a year. If not cleaned and maintained regularly, the dust and debris build-up can cause the motor on the exhaust fan to overheat, and potentially catch fire. 


How to Clean A Bathroom Exhaust Fan

  • Turn off power to the fan by switching the on/off switch, and shut off the circuit breaker to the exhaust fan.
  • Remove the fan cover and clean the cover with a small vacuum attachment, sucking up the dust and debris.
  • Scrub the fan cover with soap and water under the sink to get it thoroughly cleaned.
  • If there is any visible sign of mold, use bleach to remove.
  • Before putting the cover back on the fan, use a vacuum attachment and suck out dirt and dust from all around the fan motor. 
  • Attach fan cover back on, and turn on the circuit breaker to the exhaust fan.
  • Turn the fan on with the on/off switch to test it out, and that is it!


  1. Ensure Exhaust Fan is Vented Outside

A bathroom exhaust fan should be properly ventilated through the exterior of the home. We see a lot of instances where a homeowner’s exhaust fan is vented through the attic. This is why some people will still see moisture in the air and mold and mildew growth in their bathroom, as well as their attic, because of improper exhaust fan ventilation. 

Damage to your home’s drywall, or other material can be prevented with proper bathroom exhaust fan ventilation. This isn’t just a precaution for your home’s well-being by saving on costly repairs. Professional, correct ventilation ensures the health of you and your family from mold inhalation.


  1. Replace Your Old Bathroom Exhaust Fan

If you know your bathroom exhaust fan is old and it doesn’t seem to be getting the job done as it should, it’s probably time to replace it. Bathroom fans should be replaced if you hear a strange sound, if they smell funny when running, or don’t seem to be working as efficiently as they should. All of these could be signs that the exhaust fan is outdated and needs replacing. 


  1. Hire a Licensed Electrician For Bathroom Exhaust Fan Installation

If your existing bathroom exhaust fan emits a burning odor when in use, frequently trips your circuit breaker, has visible burn marks on the cover, or doesn’t seem to be working as it should, it could be a sign that the fan isn’t wired correctly. A licensed electrician should be the one who installs a new bathroom exhaust fan for proper wiring, and for proper ventilation outside the home. 

For the prevention of electrical fire hazards, health hazards, and costly home repairs from mold and mildew damage, it’s best to hire a licensed professional to install bathroom exhaust fans. 

KB Electric LLC can inspect your existing bathroom exhaust fan to ensure it has been wired and vented correctly. Our team of licensed electricians serve all of Montgomery County, PA as well as Berks, Bucks, Chester, Delaware, and Philadelphia counties. Call us today for excellent bathroom exhaust fan installation!