Cable Outlet Installation: You Need An Electrician For That

If your new home has never had cable hooked up before, it’s time to first call a licensed electrician. Cable providers such as Xfinity (f.k.a Comcast) don’t typically install cable outlets. Simply put: these cable providers will not run the coax wiring inside the walls of your home, but may tack the wires along your floorboards (yuck). If you are in need of a cable outlet installed in any wall of your home, a licensed electrician like one from KB Electric LLC is able to provide this service.


cable outlet

Cable outlet for cable/Internet hookup


If you aren’t the handy type, it’s best to leave the cutting of dry wall, fishing the cable, and wiring to the professional. You’ll also need to know where to cut the power at in your main panel in order to install the cable outlet safely. Here’s why hiring an electrician is best when needing a cable outlet installed:


Why You Need an Electrician For Cable Outlet Installation

  • Electricians know wiring. Simple as that! We are very knowledgable and have the expertise in running wires through walls of any type of building or home.
  • Installing a cable outlet is the equivalent skill of installing your general-use electrical outlets (GFCI, etc.). Because electricians do these installations all of the time, you’ll get peace of mind knowing that it will be done correctly the first time.
  • We have the proper tools already to install the cable outlet (fishing lines, electrical boxes, screws, cable, fittings, connectors, wall plates, drills, …. ) 


Reasons to Hire KB Electric LLC For Cable Outlet Installation

  • We know electrical wiring like the back of our hand, so everything behind your walls will be done safely and correctly for your new cable installation.
  • We have fully stocked vans, and can get the job done in the same day as your appointment.
  • We are very experienced with installing cable outlets. We can go through any location to fish/feed your coax wiring.
  • We clean up after any, if at all, mess we make, leaving your home as if we were never there! (except for the exceptional addition of your brand new cable outlet)
  • We are family owned and operated, with owner-managed operations.
  • Our electricians have over 35 years of combined field experience…we know our stuff, so you can trust us!


Whether you are purchasing a home without cable, in need of existing cable outlets replaced or moved, or want an additional cable outlet installed, KB Electric LLC can assist you! We provide cable outlet installation services for all of Southeastern, PA including Montgomery, Philadelphia, Chester, Bucks, Berks, and Delaware counties.