Closet Lighting Ideas: Fluorescent and LED Options Are Best

When it comes to your closet space, whether it’s a walk-in closet or a smaller one, fluorescent and LED closet light fixtures are your best choices. This blog will focus on wired closet lighting ideas because we are electricians who believe that permanent light fixtures will give you long-lasting quality. Wired closet lighting is also a simple option for an electrician when there is an attic above a closet area for an easier installation. Let’s go over the basics of closet lighting safety, and then we will discuss why fluorescent and LED closet lighting is best.


Safety First For Closet Lighting Ideas

Our blog from the previous week focused on the NEC (National Electric Code) safety standards when it comes to installing hardwired closet lighting fixtures. You can visit the blog here for more information. A quick recap:

  • Any LED or fluorescent surface or recessed light fixture must be enclosed.
  • Partially enclosed or open fixtures are not acceptable under the NEC due to fire hazards.
  • There are spacing requirements for installing closet light fixtures (see blog link above)


Why Fluorescent and LEDs Are Best

It’s really simple. Fluorescent and LEDs are the more energy-efficient lighting sources. They are also acceptable sources of lighting for closet areas because their bulbs don’t run hot. This is very important in spaces like closets and pantries where there are numerous combustible materials. Compared to incandescents and halogen fixtures that run hot, fluorescent and LED light fixtures are your main “go-tos” for small enclosed spaces. 


Closet Lighting Ideas: Fluorescent Light Fixtures

There are numerous styles of fluorescent lighting fixtures. They all have a similar slim design, perfect for discreetness in smaller closet areas. They are linear fixtures, perfect for illuminating your whole closet space. Many have T8 fluorescent bulbs, which are of a tubular shape. These are perfect for kitchen pantries and utility closets as well as clothing closets.


Closet Lighting Ideas: LED Light Fixtures

LEDs are considered very energy efficient and long lasting. These are a perfect option for closet lighting. These fixtures come in many shapes and sizes, from chandeliers to your standard flush mount fixture. 


Walk-In Closet Lighting Ideas

For a walk-in closet, depending on size, the possibilities are endless. A custom chandelier light fixture in the middle of the room in a large walk-in area creates the perfect focal point. With accented enclosed recessed lights and display lights for the shelving, you’ll have every inch of your clothing and accessories illuminated.

-Overhead Lighting 

  • Enclosed LED recessed lights
  • Enclosed flush mount LED light fixtures
  • Track lighting (for larger walk-in rooms)
  • Pendant light fixtures (for larger walk-in rooms)
  • Custom chandelier (for larger walk-in rooms)


-Display Lighting (to illuminate specific areas like shelving)

  • Under-cabinet LED lighting fixtures/strip lights
  • Under-cabinet fluorescent lighting fixtures


Closet Lighting Ideas: Conclusion

Possibilities are endless when it comes to closet lighting; we really only touched on a few of them. Bottom line: LEDs or fluorescent fixtures installed by NEC standards is what’s important for closet lighting. A licensed electrician should be the professional to install wired closet lighting. KB Electric LLC can help you decide on lighting ideas that are suitable for your specific setup, and can provide you with quality installation. Call us today! (267) 467-3178