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When the power goes out due to lightning storms, down power lines, or any other natural or man-made occurrence, power surges can arise. To protect your business’ electrical equipment, KB Electric LLC recommends our trusted commercial surge protection services for the Philadelphia and surrounding suburban areas. Don’t let your business stop production because of damaged equipment. Prevention is key when it comes to maintaining the life of expensive electrical equipment that’s used every day.


Power surges happen when there is a high spike in electrical voltage, commonly from lightning strikes, accidents while working on the utility lines, and even from the use of your everyday business equipment that utilizes a lot of energy to function. This spike in voltage can have damaging affects to the circuitries and electrical components in your equipment, and may even require expensive repairs or replacement.


Protect your company’s electrical machinery from damaging power surges by having one of our licensed electricians at KB Electric LLC install commercial surge protectors in the electrical panels throughout your building. Not only will commercial surge protection ensure the safety of your equipment against power surges, but it is also cost effective in the long run. Don’t waste money on replacing costly equipment. Instead, invest in surge suppressor devices for your business, and save your money for those company ventures that make your business successful.


For your business to be fully protected from power surges that can occur during lightning storms, check out our blog for information on lightning arrestors. Lightning arrestors give your building extra safety against high voltage energy from lightning storms, and helps protect your equipment as well. Remember: lightning doesn’t have to directly strike on a building to produce a power surge. KB Electric LLC can install lightning arrestors in addition to surge protectors for any commercial property to keep your company’s machinery fully protected when lightning strikes.


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