Dedicated Computer Circuits

At KB Electric LLC, we know business must never stop to get ahead. That is why our licensed electricians know the importance of dedicated computer circuits and their functionality for maximum productivity for your company. Dedicated computer circuitry is a must-need for businesses with frequent computer outages. By having dedicated computer circuits, you will not overload your electrical system, which will prevent these computer outages from occurring, and will increase the hard-working manpower your company is known for.


Why Dedicated Electrical Circuits Matter

When multiple electrical appliances and devices are plugged into the same circuit, your computer can develop “electrical noise”, which produces power surges and unstable electrical currents. With the installation of a dedicated circuit breaker in your main electrical panel for your computer system, there is less chance for these surges to occur since no other electrical machinery is accessing the energy from this circuit. Any large type of appliance or one that is heavily in use should always have its own circuit breaker to be able to function properly without any electrical disturbance, such as a power surge or an electrical fire.


Trust our team of licensed electricians to install your computer system’s dedicated circuit breaker into your existing electrical panel, and say goodbye to tripped breakers and blown fuses! Call KB Electric LLC today to prevent computer outages and overheating of electrical wires with dedicated computer circuits. Maintain your business productivity, and let us do the rest! (267) 467-3178




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