Does My Home Need A 200amp Service Upgrade?

Our world of technology and innovation is rapidly expanding. Most homes today don’t just have one microwave and one refrigerator with the occasional toaster oven and one 27-inch flat screen TV. Many homes today have one fridge upstairs and one fridge/freezer combination in the basement, in addition to one deep freezer chest, 6 TVs, an Internet modem (maybe with a WiFi extender somewhere in the home), a Keurig special edition (milk frother included) coffee machine, window A/C units, baseboard heaters in the basement, 3 desktop computers, a front loader or top loader washer machine with dryer, two robot vacuum cleaners (one for upstairs, one for downstairs) and NOW, home EV (electric vehicle) chargers installed in the garages. At least every year, some new fangled electronic makes our way into our homes to create convenience and pleasure. So, when you ask us, “does my home need a 200amp service upgrade?”, our electricians may respond with: “It may not NEED an upgrade, but it may definitely be recommended.” (This will vary from house to house based on electricity usage and size). For the simple reason of introducing new electronics and technology in our houses, it is a great idea to upgrade your current 100amp service to a 200amp service for powering your home’s appliances.


200amp panel upgrade

200amp Panel Upgrade


Does My Home Need a 200amp Service Upgrade?

For what we explained above, it is a great idea to upgrade your home’s electrical service to 200amps. It is now standard procedure and up-to-code according to the NEC (National Electrical Code) for all newly constructed homes to be built with a 200AMP service. For the simple fact of what we mentioned above, running all of our appliances and electronics coupled with a heating and cooling system work best with the additional space in the panel for the house to run electricity safely and efficiently, especially for future appliance add-ons.

Upgrading your home’s 100amp service to a 200amp service is recommended for the following:

  • Increases your home’s value.
  • Ensures the safety and efficiency of your home’s electrical system and appliances/electronics by reducing tripped circuits and breakers.
  • Offers additional space in your panel for extra dedicated circuits when adding large appliances and electronic gadgets.
  • Keeps your home up to the latest NEC code.


200amp Service Upgrade

200amp Service Upgrade – Blue Bell, PA


Difference Between a 100amp Service Panel and a 200amp Service Panel

Obviously the 200amp panel is larger and can provide more space for additional circuit breakers than the 100amp panel. A 200amp service panel provides more electrical current so that your home’s larger appliances work together smoothly and safely with your other smaller appliances.


How Can I Tell If My House Has a 100amp or 200amp Service?

You can tell if your home already has a 200amp service by locating your main electrical panel and finding the main breaker size. The main breaker will be located at the very top center of the panel. On the breaker, you’ll either see it say 100A or 200A. 



Who Can Upgrade My Service Panel?

The licensed and insured electricians at KB Electric LLC have done numerous 200amp service panel upgrades for over 19 years, with a combined field experience of over 35 years. Don’t just trust any electrician to provide you with a service upgrade. You will want a professional that has years of hands-on experience and NEC knowledge to provide the utmost care and accuracy with installing your new electrical system. That is why the master electricians at KB Electric LLC are your go-to electrician for service panel upgrades. We are family-owned and owner-operated without the sub-contractor gimmicks. Call us today! (267) 467-3178