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Keeping cool isn’t all about your air conditioning unit. Adding a fan to the rooms of your home creates energy efficiency, and provides a cool environment for relaxation. Whether it’s a ceiling fan, attic fan, or an exhaust fan, KB Electric LLC can provide all fan installation services in and around the Philadelphia area for any room in the house.


Ceiling Fan Installation

The addition of a ceiling fan can reduce the electricity bill by allowing your air conditioner to run less and more efficiently. How? While a fan doesn’t necessarily lower the temperate in the room, it can make the room feel six to eight degrees cooler. This means your body will feel cooler because of the ceiling fan’s “wind-chill” effect, and you can turn your thermostat up a little more.

Ceiling fans are also important in the winter. By rotating the fan blades in the opposite direction (clockwise), warm air gets distributed to the ground. This creates warmer rooms for the winter months, and allows you to keep your heating costs lower.

Ceiling fans can also aid in your home decor. Over the past decade, ceiling fans have adopted new sleek and chic designs, giving you a variety of options to fit your home’s style. The licensed electricians at KB Electric LLC can install a ceiling fan wherever you think is best, and recommend any and all types to best fit your needs.


ceiling fan installation

Ceiling Fan Installation


Attic Fan Installation

Keeping cool goes beyond your dining room and bedroom. An attic fan not only can cool your home’s upper floors and aid your air conditioner, but it is also important for the structure of your attic and roof. The sun beats down on the roof, and hot air in the home rises. A hot and humid attic needs to be cooled to prevent moisture, which may lead to rotting wood and mangled roof shingles. A costly home repair can be avoided just with the addition of an attic fan.

Check out our blog for a detailed look at the benefits of attic ventilation. KB Electric LLC does many attic fan installations and can offer you more information on which attic fan is right for you, whether it is a gable fan, rooftop fan, or solar-powered fan.


attic fan installation

Attic Fan Installation


Bathroom Exhaust Fan Installation

After a hot, steamy shower, your bathroom is a breeding ground for mold and mildew without proper ventilation. Installing a bathroom exhaust fan will prevent bacteria growth, and allow you and your family to breathe easy, literally. The licensed master electricians at KB Electric LLC install bathroom exhaust fans with quality and professionalism. We will recommend the ideal exhaust fan for any bathroom in your home. Visit our blog to learn more about the benefits of installing an exhaust fan in your bathroom.


bathroom exhaust fan installation

Exhaust Fan Installation


Call KB Electric LLC today for your residential fan installation services if you are looking for an electrician in the Philadelphia and surrounding areas. Our team of professionals ensure quality, safety, and true workmanship to keep your mind at ease. (267) 467-3178


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