Festoon Lighting: What It Is, Its Applications, and Its Many Styles


What the heck is festoon lighting? This is the question that may come to mind when you hear the word ‘festoon’. Believe it or not, you already know what this type of lighting is. KB Electric LLC is adopting this form of lighting in the back of its own property where the business is located for a side project: a finished gazebo structure for Kingdom ministries (see picture below).


Festoon Lighting at KB Electric LLC


What Is Festoon Lighting?


Festoon lights are also known as string lights, or party lights. They are strings of hanging light globes/bulbs hung from to two different structures (posts, beams, poles, etc). The word ‘festoon’ means a string, garland, or wreath hanging from two points. These lights provide aesthetic appeal to any room or area, as well as pairing perfectly with any theme. Another beauty of festoon lighting: most often, depending on the type and brand you choose, when one bulb on the string goes out, the rest stay lit. This makes it an easy way to maintain them just by swapping out the bulb that goes bad.




festoon lighting

Credit: Ingenious Festoons, lights4fun.co.uk, ©Oliver Perrott Photography.


Styles of Festoon Lights


Festoon lights come in so many shapes and sizes, which go perfect with any type of decor. There are weatherproof rated festoon lights for the outdoors, as well as traditional indoor options. If you are a business and need commercial heavy duty festoon lighting, there is an option for that as well. Many festoon lights come with either LED or incandescent bulbs. Each of these types come in a variety of choices to best fit your style and needs:


  • Edison style bulbs (for that vintage look and feel)
  • Different colored bulbs (for parties, etc.)
  • Globe shaped bulbs
  • Clear bulbs
  • Frosted bulbs
  • Dimmable bulbs
  • Lantern style


…and a whole slew of other choices to go nicely with your specific theme/decor.


Where Can I Use Festoon Lights?


Festoon lighting is an ambient type of lighting, which means it is used for general lighting. It is best for adding style and a decorative lighting option, becoming a focal point and conversational piece in any given area. Festoon lighting is most popular for parties and weddings, but can be seen in many other exterior and interior places for the home and business.


festoon lighting

Credit: Ingenious Festoons, lights4fun.co.uk, ©Oliver Perrott Photography.




For The Home


  • Outside deck area
  • Outside porch area
  • Backyard parties
  • Bedrooms
  • Kitchen (over countertops, islands, etc.)
  • Libraries/studies
  • Dining room (over table)


For The Business


  • Restaurants over tables, etc. (both indoor and outdoor)
  • Bar areas (both indoor and outdoor)
  • Wedding venues (both indoor and outdoor)
  • Art galleries
  • Music studios
  • Theme parks
  • Community parks
  • Stages in theaters


Really…for the home and business, the options are endless for festoon lighting. It’s not limited to the places we listed. Since it’s a creative and decorative form of lighting, you can illuminate anything and any area with these strings of beauty.


Need Help Installing Your Commercial Festoon Lights?


If you are in need of someone to help install festoon lighting for your business, it’s best to call an electrician. KB Electric LLC is more than happy to help with choosing the right style for your needs. With our team of professional, licensed electricians, KB Electric LLC can install your festoon lights correctly and in a timely manner. Call us! We provide commercial electrical services for Montgomery, Philadelphia, Chester, Bucks, Delaware, and Berks County, PA. (267) 467-3178