Generating Electricity With Gravity? One Man Figured It Out

Why do we as electricians care about current events, especially those having to do with electricity generation? Well, without electricity, we wouldn’t be in business. So it’s cool to find innovations and inventors who are revolutionizing our industry.  When we came across an article about generating electricity with gravity, we knew we wanted to blog about it to not only inform our followers, but to also engage them with topics that would be interesting and “out of the box”. You can only write so many blogs about why hiring an electrician is the best idea in the world. 😉

Renewable energy comes in many forms: solar energy, wind power, hydropower, biomass, geothermal, hydrogen fuel…but just recently, a dutch inventor has figured out how to use gravity to produce electricity. Generating electricity with gravity? Yes, you heard correct. 


What is Renewable Energy?

For starters, renewable energy is a source of energy that cannot be depleted. For example, the sun is always shining down on us (for now anyways, lol). Because it will never stop coming up morning after morning, we call it a renewable energy source. With the use of solar cells, the sun’s rays can produce electricity.

The world needs to produce energy with renewable sources because nonrenewable like crude oil can become depleted over time, and we would be stuck without a way to produce electricity. Not to mention, renewable resources are way better for our environment. So it’s crucial that we find different ways to create energy from things that will not run out. 


Can We Generate Energy With Gravity?

Dutch inventor, Janjaap Ruijssenaars and the company, Gravity Energy Ltd., created a prototype that allows the generation of electricity with gravity. So yes, it is possible. Ruijssenaars created a “machine” that works with unbalancing a weight so that gravity is created, and used as a piezo mechanism. A piezo method of creating electricity refers to converting a mechanical pressure into electrical energy. 

It’s hard to explain how this process works, and what this contraption looks like without a video. So please watch and enjoy 🙂




Generator That Creates Electricity From Gravity Could Revolutionize Renewable Energy