Home Security Lighting: Tips for the Home

Outdoor home security lighting is probably one of the most important safety features your home should possess. Burglars love the dark. They don’t want to be seen by neighbors or passerby’s, so blending in with the dark is what they do best. When you add different types of home security lighting to the outside of your home, you are discouraging burglars from choosing your home as a potential break-in. It’s as simple as that. A well-lit home also shows people that you may be home when you really aren’t, which is also a good prevention for a home break-in. A well-lit home isn’t just for burglary prevention. Home security lighting also ensures safety for you and anyone visiting your home. A well-lit property at night makes it easier for people to see where they are walking, and prevents any trip and falls from occurring.


There are many things you can do to bring light to the front doorstep of your home for safety and preventative measures. Here are a few ideas that can make your home safe when the sun goes down:


Motion Sensors

Motion sensors are the most popular security addition for a home’s exterior lighting. These types of lights should be installed near the front porch, above the garage door of your home, and on your back porch/deck area. This type of home security lighting will notify you if someone is on your property when the lights go on because they detect movement. This should deter anyone uninviting on your property.


home security lighting - motion sensors

Motion Sensor Flood Lights


Smart Timers

For the interior of your home, it’s best to also have it well-lit for security purposes. This shows people that you may be home, when you really aren’t and can deter a burglary from occurring. By installing smart timers, you can control the specific time the lights in a certain area or room of your home go on. Timers are also a good idea for your exterior lighting as well.


Pathway Lighting

Lighting up your pathway or walkway to your home provides more lighting on your property, and offers another deterrence to intruders. Not only that, but it’s a lot easier to walk at night when the path you are on is illuminated!


home security lighting - pathway lighting

Pathway Lighting


Accent & Landscape Lighting

A great way to illuminate your home for security purposes is accent lighting and landscape lighting. It not only makes your home and property visually appealing which creates the jealous neighbors, but it also makes your home and landscape bright so it stands out for the deterrence of a home burglary. Various fixtures and landscape lighting techniques can be used to make your property and home shine for safety, like uplighting with spot lights on trees and shrubbery, downlighting on your home with floodlights, area and post lighting, and step lights. Outdoor accent lighting on many areas of your home and property prevent hazardous trip and falls, as well as illuminating intruders that may be hiding in bushes etc.


Where Should My Outdoor Lighting Be Placed?

All dark areas around the perimeter of your home should be lit. The sides of your home, the backyard, and the front of your home should all be lit with some type of home security lighting. Any dark spots can be illuminated by doing this, and positioning the lights higher off the ground on your home, and positioned downwards will cast a bigger radius of light, creating less shadowy areas.


Call KB Electric for Installation!

The licensed electricians at KB Electric LLC will be able to do a walkthrough with you to give you a better idea of the type of home security lighting that best fits your needs. We can install any outdoor home security lighting fixtures, replace broken bulbs, recommend various types of landscape lighting ideas, and install any type of smart timer for interior and exterior lighting. A safe, well-lit home is a happy home!