Hot Tub Wiring: Why An Electrician Is Needed For a Hot Tub Hookup 

Hot tubs/spas are great home additions for relaxation and enjoyment. But when homeowners decide to buy a hot tub or spa, many don’t realize that hot tub wiring isn’t included in their hot tub purchase. Pool and hot tub suppliers typically don’t wire your spa. The standard for a hot tub/spa supplier is the delivery of your new hot tub (either “curbside” or placing in desired area in your backyard etc.) That is why hot tub wiring is needed to get your hot tub up and running.


hot tub wiring

Hot Tub Wiring


There are A LOT of do-it-yourself hot tub wiring websites and blogs out there. This is definitely not a recommended do-it-yourself task. No, we aren’t just saying this because we are electricians “who want your money”. It’s actually a real safety concern for you, your friends, and your family when an “amateur” tries to hookup a spa or hot tub without the help from a professional.


We’ve all heard the saying before: water and electricity don’t mix. If you’ve never wired a hot tub or spa before, it’s best to leave it for an electrician. Electric currents near water can cause shock and even death. When you and your friends and family are in your new hot tub, you’ll want peace of mind knowing that no one is in danger of getting electrocuted or shocked while relaxing in the tub. Also, you’ll want peace of mind knowing that everything is electrically hooked up correctly so that nothing inside or outside of the hot tub or spa becomes damaged. 


This is why a licensed electrician is the professional to count on for a hot tub hookup. Let’s go over why a licensed electrician is the better option than starting a do-it-yourself hot tub wiring project.


Why You Should Hire An Electrician For Your Hot Tub Hookup

  1. Safety

Electricians are versed in the NEC (National Electric Code). This means your hot tub will be up to safety standards, minimizing the risk for electrocution, as well as damaged wiring/parts. Faulty wiring can occur when an amateur wires a hot tub, which is unsafe! An electrician knows exactly what type of wiring to use, the proper disconnects and outlets, correctly sized breakers, and the proper conduits to ensure safety.

  1. Experience And Knowledge With Hot Tub Wiring

Electricians do a lot of pool and hot tub wiring jobs, which means they have a lot of hands-on experience. The risk for something to go wrong is significantly low compared to a do-it-yourselfer. With the experience and knowledge, licensed electricians know the ins and outs of hooking up a hot tub and spa. This means the installation should go as smooth as butter. As mentioned before, a licensed electrician knows the proper wiring and parts in order to hook up your hot tub correctly so it can run efficiently. 

  1. Wiring In A Timely Manner

Because electricians have the experience and NEC knowledge, they can install your hot tub in a timely manner. This means more time relaxing in your brand new spa, and less time trying to figure out everything that goes into wiring a hot tub. Spend less time as a do-it-yourselfer on YouTube or Google, and more time in the tub with the help from a professional! 


The Hot Tub Hookup Conclusion

Hire a licensed electrician to wire your new hot tub/spa for safety, expertise, and an efficient installation. Hot tubs are fun and relaxing, so don’t make them a headache! Figuring out how to wire a spa is time consuming and can be very unsafe if you have no idea what you are doing. Spend less time worrying about which parts to buy, and more time in your new hot tub with the help of a licensed electrician. KB Electric LLC is your hot tub wiring experts, serving Montgomery County, Chester County, Delaware County, Bucks County, Philadelphia County, and Berks County. Call us today for exceptional service! (267) 467-3178



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