How Does A Transfer Switch Work For A Home Generator?

KB Electric LLC installs many portable generators and whole home generators for our customers. There are two options when powering up your generator from your main electrical panel: an interlock kit or a transfer switch. Today, our electrician Darren Souder will explain in a video how the transfer switch option works. 


Transfer Switch for Generator


transfer switch


What Is A Generator Transfer Switch? 

A generator transfer switch is a device that enables you to connect your generator to your home’s wiring, and is installed near your electrical panel into a dedicated outlet with just one cord. The device allows you to power your most needed circuits in the event of a power outage.

Examples of different things to power up with your transfer switch would be your heating system, water heater, refrigerator, a few important lights and outlets in different rooms, well pump, septic pump, etc. You can choose which circuits you would want in the device with the generator, but not all the circuits that are in your main electrical panel. 


How Does A Transfer Switch Work?

Let’s have Darren explain to us how a transfer switch works for a home generator:


Hire KB Electric LLC For Your Generator Hookup

Our master electricians at KB Electric LLC can install any hookup for your home generator. Whether it’s a portable generator or a whole home generator, you can trust us to supply you with power! Whether it’s an interlock kit for your main electrical panel, or a transfer switch connected to your main electrical panel, we can help you get power to your home when you need it most. 

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