How Much Does a Chandelier Installation Cost? – Asking The Electrician

KB Electric LLC gets a lot of phone calls about chandelier installations. The most common question we get is, “how much does a chandelier installation cost?” Because our licensed and insured electricians install many different varieties of chandeliers, there isn’t one, standard answer to this question. Not just the type of chandelier, but there are also many other factors that go into the cost of installing a customer-supplied chandelier. Let’s take a look…



Factors For Cost Of Installing A Chandelier

  • Is this a new chandelier installation or replacing an existing chandelier/light fixture?
  • Will an electrician need to remove an existing chandelier to install the new one?
  • How tall is the ceiling? Will an electrician need a standard ladder or a special ladder/lift for installation?
  • Will I need a custom-made support system for the weight of the chandelier?
  • Will I need an additional electrical line ran? 
  • Does the chandelier need more than one man for installation?
  • Does the chandelier have a lot of parts to it that needs assembling? (pieces, crystals, etc.) 


How Much Does a Chandelier Installation Cost?

Considering the above factors, one of our licensed and insured electricians at KB Electric LLC will give you a precise quote for the installation of your new chandelier. 

So, how much does a chandelier installation cost? Because there are a lot of factors that go into installing a customer-supplied chandelier based on your specific type of chandelier, where the chandelier is being installed (height of ceiling and new install), how many parts/pieces need assembling, along with all that needs to be done to insure a safe and secure installation, the price range for a chandelier installation can vary from $200.00 to $1,500.00, or more.

It all comes down to the type of chandelier, where it’s being installed, and the assembly of said chandelier that determines the price point for installing a chandelier by a licensed and insured electrician.


Hire KB Electric LLC For Your Chandelier Installation

Installing a chandelier isn’t for a rookie. A professional, licensed and insured electrician should be the one to hire for installation. That’s why it’s a smart idea to call the electricians at KB Electric LLC for your new chandelier installation. We have the NEC knowledge, proper tools, man power, field experience, professionalism, and hard-work ethic that is required for an exceptional job well-done. Call us today! (267) 467-3178