Kitchen Lighting Upgrades To Consider For Your Kitchen Remodel

Out with the old, and in with the new. When remodeling your kitchen, you need to consider the obvious one: the kitchen lighting. It’s not enough to just dust off those old, hideous, bulky light fixtures you’ve had for over a decade. When doing a kitchen remodel project, it’s best to think of new, stylish lighting ideas, along with energy saving options to reduce your electric bill, and reduce wasted energy. 

Kitchen lighting comes in so many styles, shapes and sizes. You want the perfect blend of functionality, with a hint of accent, and a dash of ambiance. All of this combined with energy saving options can make a new kitchen come to life, and really impress your family and friends. With so many styles and choices in the lighting market, we want to give you ideas to consider so you don’t get overwhelmed when picking out your new kitchen lighting.



Kitchen Lighting Ideas

It’s a good idea to combine the below options when adding modern kitchen lighting. Each type of lighting has its own functionality, which when used together, displays a beautiful, glowing atmosphere to brighten up any size of kitchen.


  1. Recessed Lighting

As electricians, KB Electric LLC installs a good amount of recessed lighting fixtures (also known as recessed cans). Recessed lights provide general and functional task lighting, as well as ambiance lighting when placed on a dimmer switch. Forget the old, bulky light fixtures that protrude from your ceiling. Recessed can lights mount flush into the ceiling, providing general illumination for the entire space. 


recessed lighting - kitchen lighting

Kitchen Remodel with Recessed Lighting


  1. Under-Cabinet Lighting

In combination with recessed lights, under-cabinet lighting provides extra task lighting illumination above your countertops. These low-voltage lights are great for preparing and cooking meals, and they even accent your countertops. Control the amount of light you need above your counters by installing a dimmer switch on your under-cabinet lighting.


under cabinet lighting - kitchen lighting

Under-Cabinet Lighting


  1. Pendant Lighting (Over Island)

Adding an island in your kitchen? You’ll want some light to shine above it for additional task lighting. But this isn’t the only function of pendant lights. Pendant lighting acts as a focal point of the kitchen, creating a beautiful design piece that adds elegance to your newly remodeled kitchen. Pendant lights come in so many varieties, so they work with any type of kitchen style.


Pendant Lighting


  1. Chandelier Lighting (Over Island)

Similar to pendant lighting, chandelier lighting works great over an island. You’ll want to choose one or the other, but both work for task lighting above the island, as well as a stylish focal point that makes the kitchen pop.


chandelier lighting - kitchen lighting

Chandelier Lighting for Kitchen


  1. Modern Track Lighting

We say modern because back in the day, track lighting was more of an eyesore. But today, manufacturers of light fixtures have stepped up the game, providing stylish and sleek track lighting fixtures that provide task lighting, accent lighting, and can even be a conversational piece just like your pendant and chandelier lights.

Track lighting is great because it can either replace recessed lights or be used in conjunction with a few recessed cans. Track lighting can also replace chandeliers or pendants and be installed over islands. With these fixtures, you can really use them in any type of kitchen. It’s up to you where want them installed, and if you want them in combination with other lighting options.


track lighting - kitchen lighting

Track Lighting – Kitchen. Credit:


Energy Efficiency Additions For Kitchen Lighting


  • Dimmer switches

Dim your recessed lights and under-cabinet lighting with a dimmer switch to save energy. You’ll use only the amount of light needed, while providing ambiance lighting for setting the mood.


  • LED light bulbs

LEDs are the most efficient lighting option out there. They trump CFLs and are way more efficient than the traditional incandescent light bulbs. Because LEDs give off almost no heat, they are an energy efficient option for saving money on your electric bill. They last approximately 50 times longer than the traditional incandescent, 20-25 times longer than halogens, and 8-10 times longer than CFLs. Longer bulb lifespan means less time changing out bulbs, and spending less money on them as well.