LED Perimeter Pool Table Lighting – The Newest Billiard Lighting Concept

Last week KB Electric LLC blogged about pool table lighting installation and the many different types of pool table fixtures you can choose from for your pool table. Today, we are going to explore LED perimeter pool table lighting, the newest type of billiard light fixtures. One of our electricians just installed one of these fixtures a couple weeks ago for one of our customers, and we were really impressed with the lighting quality and aesthetic appeal. Let’s take a closer look at this type of billiard light fixture, and why we believe as electricians we are going to see more and more of these in homes and professional pool halls.


Perimeter LED Billiard Lights: What Are They?

The new pool table lighting concept will probably be known as LED perimeter pool table lighting. It is so new, that we really don’t know 100% what the proper term is for it. The perimeter LED billiard light fixture is a rectangular shaped light that appears to illuminate the perimeter of the pool table (see image one below). The lighting from this LED rectangular fixture that hangs above the pool table illuminates the entire table very well, from what we’ve seen after we installed one last week. 

These perimeter pool table light fixtures are made out of aluminum and boast a LED light for lighting efficiency and flicker-free illumination.

led perimeter pool table lighting

LED Perimeter Pool Table Lighting Installation (residential)


Where Can I Buy LED Perimeter Pool Table Lighting? Two Brands On The Market 

The perimeter pool table light fixture is so new that after some extensive research, we only found two brands that construct this type of fixture: Perimeter Billiard Lights and Lucid Ballsports’ Predator Arena Billiard Light. If you are looking to purchase this type of billiard lighting for your home or pool hall, visit their websites above. It is also worth mentioning that the Predator Arena Billiard Light as of today (3/29/22) has an estimated delivery of mid June 2022 for ordering due to supply chain issues and high demand, according to their website. 

For price point: the Perimeter Billiard Lights company ranges in pricing from $450-$550, depending on the sizing of the light fixture you need (which is dependent upon the size of your pool table). The Predator Arena Billiard Light ranges from $999.00 to $2099.00, depending on the size of your fixture (and pool table), color of fixture, and if you want a remote control included.


LED Perimeter Pool Table Lighting Installation for Homes and Professional Pool Halls

KB Electric LLC is your go-to electrician for all of your billiard lighting installation needs. We can install your LED perimeter billiard light fixtures for your home or business. Whether it’s for professional pool halls or a residential basement, the licensed and insured electricians at KB Electric LLC can install any and all types of billiard light fixtures to meet your individual needs. We can help with wiring your new pool light and light switch, as well as recommending what type of pool table light is best. Call us today! (267) 467-3178