Lighting Control System Installation: Hiring A Licensed Electrician

Lighting controls and control systems come in many different forms. Whether you are looking for a simple dimmer switch or a wireless smart lighting kit controlled by your iPhone, a licensed and insured electrician is the professional for any type of lighting control system installation.


What Is A Lighting Control System?

A lighting control system is a setup of controls that connects to multiple lights in a particular area, allowing you to turn lights ON and OFF. It also allows you to adjust the brightness of the lighting, by a manual switch, or an automated smart system. 

Lighting control systems are the best option for any home or business in order to improve energy efficiency.


Types of Lighting Control Systems

When it comes to the types of lighting control systems, there are several that can be used for residential or commercial settings:

  • Occupancy Sensors

These devices detect when an area or space is unoccupied by a person, and automatically turns lights OFF. Similarly, when a person is detected in a space, the occupancy sensors will turn the lights ON.


  • Motion Sensors

Motion sensors are similar to occupancy sensors in that they automatically turn lights ON and OFF. Motion sensors are different than occupancy sensors because they use different technology for detection, and will only turn lighting ON with certain movement. Occupancy sensors keep lights ON in an area even if a person is stationary. 


  • Dimmers

Dimmer switches adjust the brightness of lighting. Dimmer switches come in many different forms like your standard manual slider switch. You can dim lighting with a digital switch as well like on a touch screen, or from your mobile device with a smart system.


  • Timers

Timers can control lighting when set by a timer clock. They can be programed to turn lights ON and OFF, and even dim lighting during a specific part of the day. Timers come in many different forms as well.


  • Photosensors (Daylighting)

These devices measure natural light levels outside: as the natural light outside increases, the device adjusts the “electric” indoor lighting (dims it down) so as to use the natural daylight for indoor tasks. 


  • Whole Home Smart Lighting Control Systems

Smart lighting systems integrate with smart home products like Alexa, on a smartphone device, or another smart control center, and are usually wirelessly integrated. They can be hands-free, voice automated, and have capabilities that can be accessed from hundreds of different devices.


Why To Hire An Electrician For Lighting Control System Installation

  1. We know the ins and outs of lighting and lighting design. 
  2. We know the ins and outs of wiring.
  3. We are licensed and insured professionals.
  4. We have the tools necessary to complete the job.
  5. We are versed in the NEC (National Electric Code) for safety and compliance.
  6. We have the field experience, as well as the continuing education for any and all types of lighting and wiring projects.