Over The Range Microwave Installation: Montgomery County, PA Electrician

Over the range microwaves give you the added benefit of countertop space in your kitchen. Especially for smaller kitchens, over the range microwaves just make the most sense. Give your countertops breathing room for additional cooking preparation space, additional room for your toaster oven, coffee maker, Ninja blender, etc., and a visibly less-cluttered look and feel by considering an over the range microwave installation.


over the range microwave installation


Over The Range Microwave Installation: Dedicated Circuit Needed

When it comes to installing appliances that need their own dedicated outlets, it’s imperative to hire a professional. You want the job done right the first time around, without the headaches of figuring it out yourself. That’s why hiring a licensed electrician for over the range microwave installation is the better option than searching YouTube for DIY instructions. With that being said, if you are replacing your old microwave oven or getting one for a new home or remodel, a dedicated line is crucial for proper functionality of the appliance. A dedicated circuit is also best for the safety of your main electrical system.

A dedicated circuit is required for a microwave, along with other common kitchen appliances like your refrigerator, in-wall oven, dishwasher, and range, among others. The reason for this is because these appliances draw a lot of power when in use. If not on a dedicated circuit, a microwave could cause tripping breakers, blown fuses, damage of the appliance, and electrical damage (burnt wires, overheating wires, service panel damage, etc.). 

As explained in our blog, Reasons You Need A Dedicated Circuit For Certain Appliances, “a dedicated circuit is an isolated circuit set up with its own circuit breaker in your main electrical panel, and many cases has its own outlet, for ONE appliance. This ensures that no overloading of power occurs within your electrical system when the appliance is in use.”

Hiring An Electrician For Over The Range Microwave Installation

It’s best to hire a licensed electrician for microwave installation:

  • Proper installation of a dedicated circuit and outlet

  • Proper venting installation (through wall or cabinet for outside ventilation, positioning of fan, etc.)

  • Knowledge and expertise in over the range installation (since electricians do these installations a lot, they can properly install mounting bracket for microwave, among other things.)

  • Knowledge and expertise in NEC requirements for safe installation (they know how to wire appliances, simple as that.)

  • Easier to let someone else mount the microwave (as a lot of microwave units are very heavy)

  • Proper tools used for installation

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