Pool Automation Systems: What Are They?

Swimming pool and spa owners are constantly calling us up for installation of pool automation systems. They are convenient, easy to use, and many have the option of being remotely controlled via a smartphone from anywhere. If you are a pool owner wanting less headaches when it comes to pool ownership, a pool automation system is the answer.


Pool Automation System Installation - KB Electric LLC

Pool Automation System Installation – KB Electric LLC


What Are Pool Automation Systems?

Pool automation systems control the many features of your swimming pool or spa: pumps, filtration systems, lights, chemical metering pumps, heaters, among other components that are required for proper functioning.

These automated control systems come in many brands and varieties with different ways that allow the automatic operation of your pool. To control your pool’s equipment automatically, the system may include a wireless remote, remote access via a smartphone, or a touch screen mounted inside your home, among others depending on the system.

Depending on how you want your pool system’s controls to operate, it’s really the pool owner’s preference on which one to go with. 


How Do Pool Automation Systems Work?

In order for your pool to operate automatically without the use of mechanical mechanisms, the wiring to specific pool equipment is wired to a control panel. The control panel can manage and program everything from the cleaner, pump, filter, heater, lights, automatic chemical pump, etc. with the push of a button or flip of a switch.

Like mentioned before, depending on the type of system, you will also be able to operate these things with a remote control, mounted touch screen, or your smartphone if you have an internet connection.

Pool automation systems help with programming functionality as well. Want your pool’s lights to be programmed to turn on at a certain time? No problem! Set the time on a wireless remote or smartphone (depending on which system you purchase), and it’s a done deal. 


I Want A Pool Automation System, What’s Next?

If you are getting a new pool, or are sick of your old set up where you are manually operating your pool equipment, it’s time to call a licensed pool electrician. 

A licensed electrician who is experienced with wiring swimming pools and spas can certainly help with the installation of a pool automation system. Swimming pool companies usually only do the plumbing aspect when installing your new pool. When it’s time for the electrical aspect, that’s where the electrician comes in.

KB Electric LLC is your go-to swimming pool electrician for pool automation. We serve all of Montgomery County, Bucks County, Berks County, Delaware County, Chester County, and Philadelphia, PA.