Pool Table Lighting Installation: KB Electric LLC

KB Electric LLC has installed quite a few different types of billiard lights over the years. We recently just installed a new type of LED pool table light which prompted the writing of this blog. Pool table lighting should be enough lighting to spread across your entire pool table. The billiard lights should also prevent glare and help with the removal of shadows. Let’s take a look at some cool types of pool table lighting options, and discuss why we recommend hiring a licensed and insured electrician for pool table lighting installation.


Why Should I Get Lighting for My New Pool Table?

  • Illumination helps provide optimal light for precise game-play (eliminate shadows, helps with aim, etc.).

  • Billiard lighting transforms your pool table area into a pool hall look, making it aesthetically appealing.


Types of Billiard Lighting Fixtures  

  • Single shade lights

  • Multi shade lights

  • Perimeter LED lights


Pool Table Lighting Installation - Perimeter LED Pool Light

Pool Table Lighting Installation – Perimeter LED Pool Light


Which Pool Table Light Fixture is Right For Me?

If you have a 6ft table or less, you’ll only need a 3-bulb fixture. A 7-8ft pool table should have 3 to 4 lights above it. Any pool table 9ft or bigger should have 4 to 5 lights. Other than that, the type you choose is totally up to you. It all comes down to preference of style, ranging from contemporary/modern to traditional and industrial. If you go with the perimeter LED style, you can forgo the number-of-bulb/light rule mentioned above because they make different sizes for specific sized pool tables. 


Who Can Install My Pool Table Light Fixture?

A licensed and insured electrician who has the experience in wiring and hanging lighting professionally should be the one to install your new billiard light fixture. Electricians know the ins and outs of wiring, lighting, and the NEC for safe installation and compliance. Trust the team at KB Electric LLC for your pool table lighting installation. We can help you decide which type of billiard light to choose for your pool table. We are licensed and insured, family owned and operated since 2004, and provide services for the following counties: Montgomery County, Berks County, Bucks County, Chester County, and Delaware County, PA. Call us today! (267) 467-3178