Redemption1010…a Church For Jesus and New Life


Redemption1010 is a church in Norristown, PA that began this past January in 2019.  Our mission is to inspire people to rise up, and to follow Jesus to give Him glory.  Our desire is to see a better Norristown and we as a church want to be a part of that.  Not just by talking, but by being engaged with the community.  Our church plugs in several ways from serving the residents of a local homeless shelter, to community clean up projects, summer music festivals, and community movie nights.  We do these things because we believe there is hope in the person of Jesus. 
We also have our Worship Gathering on Sundays at 2pm at 506 Haws Ave. Our Life Group meets Thursdays at 7pm at 308 Stanbridge St. 
We will have a booth at Norristown Day THIS SATURDAY (APRIL 6, 2019) from 12-3pm at the Elmwood Park bandshell.  Stop by and say hey!
Finally, if you’d like any more information about Redemption1010, please visit or @redemption1010 via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.