Sauna Installation: Hiring An Electrician and What To Expect

KB Electric LLC has seen an uptick in recent home sauna purchases. We’ve done more than a handful of sauna installations in our years in business, and decided it would be a good idea to blog about it for potential sauna owners. It is crucial to hire a licensed and insured electrician for your sauna installation. We don’t say that to stay in business, but we say that to ensure the safety of you and your family. Let’s talk about what is involved when hooking up your new sauna, and why we say to hire a professional for safety measures for this hot luxury home item.


Sauna Installation

Sauna Installation


What Is a Sauna?

First and foremost, a sauna is a type of enclosed structure that heats up inside using different types of heating sources (wood burning, electric heaters, etc.). A person sits in the heated structure and sweats their butt off! There are many health benefits* of using a sauna:

  • Detoxification
  • Weight loss
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Pain relief

*Claims of health benefits are not proven by KB Electric LLC. There are a few risks involved when using a sauna such as dehydration, among others. Please talk to your healthcare provider if you have any questions regarding whether you personally would benefit from using a sauna, as some underlying health conditions and using certain medications may not be well-suited for sauna-use.


Sauna Installation


Infrared and Dry Saunas

There are many different types of saunas out there to purchase. We are going to focus on the dry and infrared saunas because these two are the more popular options for homeowners. 

Infrared saunas use specific types of light bulbs OR a heating source that emits infrared energy to heat the enclosed structure.

Dry saunas use a heating source like a wood stove or an electric heater that heats the enclosed structure. 

Both of these types of saunas need electricity to operate if you don’t go with the wood stove dry sauna. 


Electric Requirements For A Sauna Installation

When a licensed and insured electrician hooks up your new sauna, the electrician will perform a list of tasks to make sure your sauna is up and running efficiently and safely. Installation will vary depending on the specific sauna, location of the sauna in relation to your main electrical panel, and your specific main electrical panel. Usually, the installation of an infrared or dry sauna includes:

  • Installation of a dedicated line and a GFCI-protected circuit breaker from your main panel to the sauna. (A dedicated line is always required, meaning nothing is shared on the same circuit (your other household appliances, lights, etc.) as the sauna to prevent overloading.)
  • Installation of a disconnect near the sauna. (A means of turning off the electricity from your main panel to the sauna.) 


Sauna Installation


Sauna Installation – Disconnect


Sauna Installation


Do I Need To Upgrade My Electrical Panel For a Sauna Installation?

A licensed and insured electrician will be able to determine if you need more power for your sauna. In most cases, homeowners do not need an electrical panel upgrade IF the panel is not maxed out. In the event that you need more space to run your sauna, an electrician can install a sub-panel or upgrade your existing panel to a 200amp electrical panel. An electrician will be able to determine from your specific setup if upgrading your service is needed or if a sub-panel will suffice (only if space is needed to power your new sauna.)


Hiring An Electrician For A Sauna Installation

Not just because we are electricians who do this type of work, but hiring an electrician for a sauna installation is highly recommended. An electrician will know the correctly sized wiring and breaker size needed for your sauna hookup. An electrician will be able to determine if an electrical upgrade or sub-panel is needed to run the sauna safely and efficiently. An electrician has the proper tools, equipment, and knowledge of the NEC code requirements to properly and safely install your new sauna. Don’t rely on any type of contractor to wire a sauna. Trust the licensed and insured electricians at KB Electric LLC for your sauna hookup needs! We serve all of Montgomery County, Berks County, Bucks County, Chester County, and Delaware County, PA. Call us today: (267) 467-3178