Sculpture Lighting: The New Trend Is a Must-Have

LEDs have become so advanced that homeowners and business owners now have the opportunity to shop for sculpture light fixtures. Once just fixtures that contained your standard bulb shape, LEDs can now take on many forms to fit artistic designs that capture the essence of any room’s style. Sculpture lighting is the up-and-coming trend, and here’s why.


What Is Sculpture Lighting?

Sculpture lighting consists of a light fixture that is made into a sculptural form of different shapes and designs. A sculptural light fixture is not only a form of art, but it is stands out as being the focal point of any type of room.


sculpture lighting


What Are The Types of Sculpture Lighting?

Sculpture light fixtures are found in differently types including chandeliers, wall sconces, and lamps (desk/table, floor etc.)


sculpture lighting


Where Can I Put a Sculpture Light?

Sculptural lighting can be found in almost any type of setting imaginable. From art galleries and coffee shops, to your living room, these fixtures are so versatile for any home or business. The versatile aspect is possible because of the many many different designs, styles, colors, and functionality.  You can place this type of lighting in hallways, dining areas, libraries, lounge areas, bedrooms….really anywhere! The many different areas of a home or business are able to feature these fixtures because they can be hung as chandeliers, placed on tables as lamps, and on walls with sconces, like mentioned before.


sculpture lighting


Why Is This a Trend?

Sculpture lighting is versatile and goes with any style room because of the many designs out there. It adds a focal point for a room, a nice conversational piece, and gives the atmosphere an artsy appeal. Sculpture light fixtures add both functionality of a light source with an artistic design to show compliment your living space. 


I Picked Out My Fixture, What Next?

Call a licensed master electrician for installation of your new sculpture light piece. We can recommend the proper placement, install it properly and timely, and give you peace of mind knowing that it will be installed with care. KB Electric LLC installs many chandeliers and sconces that take the form of sculpture lighting, so we know how to handle any design that comes our way. Call today! (267) 467-3178