Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector Installation: Collegeville and Pottstown, PA Area

KB Electric LLC provides smoke and carbon monoxide detector installation services in and around the Philadelphia area, as well as the many suburbs of Montgomery, Bucks, Delaware, Chester, Lancaster, Lehigh, and Berks counties. Is your home equipped to alert you if there is smoke or carbon monoxide (CO)? Some people will say yes, but to what extent?

Prevention is key when it comes to protecting you and your family from house fires and CO poisoning. In order to prevent these two things, it’s crucial to have proper placement, and follow safety protocol when owning smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. That is why It’s important that these devices be hardwired into your electrical panel by a licensed electrician.


Hardwired Smoke and CO Detectors

To protect your entire home from a fire and CO poisoning, smoke and carbon monoxide detector installation is properly executed by hardwiring these alarms through your electrical panel. This will allow you to know when smoke or CO is present in any room of your house. When one smoke or CO detector goes off, they all will go off, no matter what room the smoke or CO is detected in.

Hardwired smoke detectors and CO detectors also have backup battery power: in the event something were to happen with your power like a power outage caused by a bad lightning storm or down trees, your detectors will still alert you of smoke or CO in your house. To ensure your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors will still work during a power outage, it’s recommended to test these devices once a month.


Types of Smoke Detectors

It’s important that KB Electric LLC installs both types of smoke detectors listed below to ensure maximum fire protection for your home.


  • Ionization smoke detectors

Ionization smoke detectors respond to flaming fires that can result from flammable liquids, paper, wood, etc., which produces a rapid flame.


  • Photoelectric smoke detectors

Photoelectric smoke detectors respond to smoldering fires that can result from something like a cigarette burning in a couch, which produces a slow-starting flame.


To learn more about the placement of these detectors and the importance of hardwiring both alarms, visit our blog. The licensed electricians at KB Electric LLC also recommend installing combination smoke and CO detectors. More information on these can also be found in our blog.

As mentioned before, prevention is what will protect you and your family from fires and carbon monoxide poisoning. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Call KB Electric LLC today for your smoke and carbon monoxide detector installation services. (267) 467-3178



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