The Hot Tub Hookup

The spa, also known as a hot tub, is a great amenity to have in your own backyard. But before sitting back and relaxing in this sensational body of water, one must know how it is properly installed to ensure safety and a lifetime of luxury.


Hot tubs must be installed by the NEC (National Electrical Code). This requires an electrician from KB Electric LLC to hard wire a GFCI circuit, usually 240V, to ensure a safe power source in a home running on at least a 100 AMP service. KB Electric LLC can upgrade your service of you live in an older home to provide you with maximum safety for your spa. There must also be a manual disconnect panel between the electrical breaker of the house and the hot tub. This panel must be located at a minimum of 5 feet from the edge of the hot tub to comply with the NEC.


Properly installing a hot tub requires the expertise of an electrician. So call KB Electric LLC today, and we will set you up with exceptional service! (267) 467-3178


Relaxation awaits!