The Importance of Grounding

Proper electrical grounding is one of the easiest ways to increase both the life of your electronics and the safety of you and your family. In the simplest of terms, a “grounded” connection includes a connection between the ground and electrical equipment. In the case of most electrical devices, this is accomplished by using the third, round prong that you will recognize from your electrical outlets and many cords. When wired properly, this ground connection gives your devices and appliances a safe place to discharge any excess or misdirected electrical current. This can potentially save you from dangerous electrical shock, fire and other dangers.


Common Problems with Grounding:

Homes with grounding problems are typically located in suburban areas, and large cities. Because there is such an increased level of electrical demand in these areas, problems are more likely to be experienced. One of the most frequent issues faced by large city electricians is improper grounding, and the issues that arise because of it. If metal pipes and conduit come into contact with exposed wires, for example, humans, pets and anything else that touches them are at risk of potentially fatal electric shock. Because of this, it is very important to make sure that your electrical system is properly grounded and in safe condition.


Risks of Improperly Grounded Systems:

There are many risks to having an electrical wiring system that is either improperly grounded, or not grounded at all. If you live in an older home, your system may not be grounded at all. If you live in a newer home, your system is most likely properly grounded. All it takes is a few bad connections, however, to render a grounded system completely ineffective. To make sure that your electrical system is grounded properly, call KB Electric LLC so that they can perform an on-site inspection. If everything is grounded, then you are good to go. If not, they can make recommendations and perform repairs as necessary.


The most notable risks of an ungrounded electrical system are electrical shocks and fire. Because electricity will always take the path of least resistance, you are at risk if an ungrounded device discharges excess electricity. In a grounded system, the electrical current will be routed into the ground connection, and safely into the ground. If your connection is ungrounded, the electricity can transfer to you, leading to injury or even death. Furthermore, surge protectors will only work if connected to a grounded connection. In order to offer your expensive electronics and appliances the best protection, make sure that you are plugging them into a grounded electrical system.


Regardless of the age of your home, you should have KB Electric LLC perform an electrical safety assessment to ensure that all of the connections in your home’s electrical system are safe, undamaged and properly grounded. Not only will a fully operational electrical wiring system provide you with more consistent power, but also safety for you and your family….