Track Lighting Installation: Options, Uses, and Hiring an Electrician

So you are thinking about updating your home interior lighting with something fresh and modern. Or maybe you haven’t added any lighting yet to your new home, and need some help deciding what to choose. Track lighting has come a long way since its first introduction into the lighting market. Now with many modern design options available, this type of lighting is a viable option for all areas of your home. Let’s explore which areas are best to install track lighting, the many design choices, and why it’s important to hire a licensed electrician like KB Electric LLC for installation.


track lighting

Track lighting


What Is Track Lighting?

It’s just as it sounds. This type of lighting consists of multiple light fixtures hanging from a track, and the track is mounted to your ceiling. The light fixtures hanging from the track can be angled and positioned for directional lighting on just about anything. First debuted in the 1960s, track lighting was mostly used in commercial settings, like retail stores. This lighting is perfect for accent lighting, which is still seen today in many shops, highlighting clothing and other merchandise. Over the years, track lights gained popularity in the home, and are still prevalent today thanks to new modern designs.


track lighting

Commercial track lighting for DSW


Best Home Uses For Track Lighting

When lighting your home, it’s best to install track light fixtures for accent lighting. For example, to highlight a picture, painting, or a piece of artwork, track lighting is used to direct light on these different things to bring them life. They are usually placed anywhere near displays of this sort in hallways, living rooms, dining rooms, and even bedrooms. People in your home are easily drawn to things that are accented with light, making track lighting a great option for lighting up home decor. 


Another popular area for track light fixtures is the kitchen. Task lighting is a type of light used for performing different tasks like cooking or reading. Adding a track light over a kitchen island is a great way to add light for food prep. Track lighting is also great for different work areas in the home where task lighting is need, and over book cases/shelves.


It is worth noting in this section that track lighting isn’t a good option for general lighting as the only form of lighting in a room, unless the room is small like an entryway or hallway. Consider track lighting as an extra light source that goes with other lighting options in larger rooms.


Types of Track Lighting

Track lighting comes in many forms, which is why it is a great option for any style of room. The most traditional type of fixture that houses the bulb is called a track head. Track heads are mainly used for accent lighting, since these are spot lights and directional lights. These come in a wide variety of styles to accommodate any type of look you are going for. The other type of fixture that houses the bulb is a track pendant, also in a wide variety of styles. These are usually used for kitchen areas and workspaces for task lighting. 


Track lighting also has different types of tracks. The most common is your standard straight track, with 3 varieties: H, J, and L. These are usually single-circuit, meaning that every light fixture on the track is controlled by one light switch. There is a type of track called a two-circuit track that some manufactures make as well that can control two groups of fixtures on one track with two light switches.  


The second option is called a monorail track. This form is a little different in that it looks like a rail, and can also be flexible (bendable). This type of track offers a sleek, artistic design, with versatility. Two-circuit monorail tracks are also available like the standard straight tracks.


Keep in mind that not ALL light fixtures will fit on any track. If you really like a certain track head or track pendant, get the track that will work with it. Vice versa: if you really like a certain type of track, look at the fixtures to make sure they are compatible with your track choice.


Hire A Licensed Electrician For Track Lighting Installation

It’s important when installing anything electrical in your home to really know what you are doing. That being said, if you aren’t familiar with electrical wiring, leave the track lighting installation to a licensed electrician. Not only will an electrician get the job done right the first time, an electrician has the expertise to install your lighting fixture in a timely manner. So hire a licensed electrician like KB Electric LLC, serving Montgomery County, Chester County, Bucks County, Delaware County, and Berks County, as well as the Philadelphia area.  We also provide commercial track lighting installation services! (267) 467-3178