USB Outlets: Millennials Love Them, Your Restaurant Could Use Them

Many of our devices today are able to charge because of a USB cord. And because of this, it’s a no-brainer that many households and businesses are swapping out their old 3-prong outlets with USB outlets that can accommodate USB ports. They free up space for other appliances and gadgets, and can even charge your USB-able devices faster. Another reason why we see the change from regular outlets to USB outlets is because of the infamous ‘millennial’ generation. Let me explain…

usb outlets

The term “millennials” can have a negative connotation, but when it comes to attracting individuals for your products and services, it’s time to think, “what would a millennial want?” We won’t go into full detail of the millennial, but I will say this: these are people born around 1980 to the early 2000’s (ages 18-34), and they are big influencers in today’s society, surpassing the Baby Boomers.


Millennials are coming into their peak spending years, and businesses should be aware of this, including the restaurant industry. The millennials aren’t quick to make purchasing decisions without a friend’s approval rating, a budget, and a 4-5 star rating on social media. They are very brand loyal, make purchases directly from their smartphones, and love online reviews. Point being: if you want to attract a tech-savvy generation that is spending $600 billion a year in the U.S., target their smartphones to gain social media exposure. But how? By providing the one thing they need to keep their iPhone’s working: a USB outlet or charging hub.

Why Your Restaurant Could Use USB Outlets

The beginning of this blog may seem far-fetched, but it couldn’t be further from the truth. When you are a restaurant owner, especially one who is located in a shopping center, outlet, or mall, there is a lot of competition. We know you need the business to thrive, just like any other business. What better way to offer USB outlets for your customers, especially the millennials who drain their batteries all day long using Facebook and Instagram. Here are a few advantages for installing USB outlets in your fine dining establishment:

  1. Attract new customers

The first thing we noticed when we installed USB outlets at a small bar table in front of Nicoletta’s Pizza in the King of Prussia Mall is the “wow” factor. This “wow” factor of being able to sit and charge your cell phone and laptop while eating a slice of pizza is gold for a millennial. Constantly being on a smartphone drains a lot of power. When you offer a charging hub or outlet for people, they are more likely to stop in and try your food while sitting there waiting for their iPhone to charge.


usb outlets

USB Outlets Installed at Nicoletta’s Pizzeria in the King of Prussia Mall (KB Electric LLC)


  1. Gain social media exposure

You can’t “check-in” to a place on Facebook, or take a picture of the award-winning cheesesteak on your plate for your Instagram followers with a dying smartphone. When you need your GPS to get home, it may not be worth that one post on social media. But if there was a USB outlet in front of you….oh, you could Instagram, Facebook, Tweet, Snapchat, and all sorts of crazy things to announce to the world that you are eating in the “best” cheesesteak joint in Philadelphia. Like mentioned earlier, online opinions matter to millennials, especially from their friends. If Susie’s 1,435 followers see a post she shared from your restaurant, you better believe your name is out there.  

  1. Get the reviews you need for online presence

Online presence is so important for a thriving restaurant, especially if you are a “mom and pop” place. With the addition of USB outlets for smartphone charging, there is a better chance for someone to sit there and review your food while waiting for the check. Same as point number 2 above, when we are charging our smartphones, we are inclined to sit there and spend more time on them. Customers could even review how awesome it is that you have a USB outlet for them to use while dining alone. 🙂

  1. Free up space for other gadgets and devices

If you are a coffee joint that has regulars that come in and blog and do work on their laptops for a few hours, its nice to have the option for USB ports on a USB outlet to free up space. USB outlets typically come in combination outlets that have space for your 3-prong charging appliances and gadgets. It’s nice to add space, reduce clutter, and be able to use these USB outlets for a multitude of things other than for solely charging cell phones. 


It’s nice to give your customers little “luxuries” when dining in your establishment. It’s very possible that USB outlets can increase your customer base, sales, social media exposure, and customer retention. Of course, not all restaurants have the design and atmosphere for the need of USB outlets. It’s best to assess your demographic, style, and gain feedback from your customers. Coffee shops, pizza places, cheesesteak joints, among other “laid back” eateries, could benefit the most from the installation of USB outlets. If you are in need of installation or need to switch out your old 3-prong outlets for USB outlets, call a licensed electrician today!