Vanessa’s Village is a local ministry that works to equip young adults to know God, know their identity, and know their call. This is done through bible studies, discipleship, a prayer house, and international mission trips. It was started because of the inspiration of Vanessa, a 19 year old girl who struggles with autism. She was adopted by Marissa and her husband, Sean. Through learning to parent her and praying for freedom for her struggles, Marissa and Sean realized it truly does take a village to raise a child. From that, Vanessa’s Village was born: a ministry that’s main goal is to be a village for those in need, to support them in any way necessary, and to speak the love of Jesus through their family’s story.


Sean, Marissa, and Vanessa (photo credit: Janine Truppay Photography)


KB Electric LLC wanted to share Vanessa’s Village in order to assist Marissa and Sean in their journey of supporting Vanessa, and today’s youth through ministry. All donations go to the ministries listed on the Vanessa’s Village website (, which in turn impacts Vanessa and her care. If you would like to specifically give directly to Vanessa, please specify this with your donation on their website.