Wall Sconces: The Must-Have Home Interior Lighting Fixtures

At KB Electric LLC, we install many wall sconces for customers in countless different styles. With so many types to choose from, we bet that you could find a wall sconce that goes perfectly with your home’s decor. Not only do they come in a wide variety of choices, but this type of interior lighting fixture goes well with any room in the home. In this blog, we will go into more detail about wall sconces, show you a few of the many types and styles, and explain why hiring a licensed electrician for wall sconce lighting installation is better than doing it yourself.

What is a wall sconce?

Wall sconces are light fixtures that affix to your wall. The light from these fixtures can go in an upward, downward, or an upward and downward direction, depending on the type you choose. Because of the versatile direction of the lighting paired with a variety of styles, wall sconces can provide task lighting, ambiance lighting, and accent lighting.

Types of wall sconces 

There are so many different types, so let’s just name a few here.


Candle sconces are used primarily for aesthetic, decorative appeal, and are still popular today as they were centuries ago. Common areas to install candle wall sconces are hallways, bathrooms, living rooms, and dining rooms. These fixtures work great for ambient lighting depending on the style, where general illumination is needed.

Today, many people opt for the bulb type rather than an actual candle. They can come with small shades as well. Candle wall sconces come in many different styles to match your home’s decor: rustic, contemporary, industrial, classic, and traditional, to name a few.  


wall sconces

Candle Wall Sconces on a Dimmer Switch (Hallway)


Candle Wall Sconce


Flush Mount

The flush mount wall sconce is definitely a popular one. Like the candle sconce, they come in a variety of styles, so choosing one that best fits your home’s style isn’t a problem. Like the name suggests, the flush mount sconce mounts directly to the wall, fitting snug without anything protruding from it. 

This type of wall sconce is best used for accent lighting, but it also depends on the shape, size, and style. Good areas for flush mount wall fixtures are bedrooms, hallways, bathrooms…really anywhere.

Flush Mount Wall Sconce. Credit: bellacor.com


Swing Arm 

Need a good fixture for task lighting? The swing arm wall sconce is the perfect option because it can be positioned in any direction. Need less clutter in an office, bedroom, or study? Affixing a swing arm sconce to the wall is the perfect option for reading, writing, typing, etc., especially in smaller rooms to eliminate standing lamps.

Swing arm wall sconces also come in a variety of designs for any style of room in the home.


Swing Arm Wall Sconce. Credit: potterybarn.com



A wallchiere is basically a wall mounted lamp that resembles a candle wall sconce. The main difference is that it’s much taller, and looks similar to a torch light, with its slim, long, and tall stature.  

Wallchiere wall sconces are best for replacing floor standing lamps, and for adding a decorative lighting piece. Like the other wall sconces, wallchieres come in a wide variety of designs to suit your rustic, modern, traditional, etc. home decor.

Use wallchieres for bathrooms, hallways, living rooms, dining rooms, home offices…basically anywhere you see fit. 

Wallchiere Wall Sconce. Credit: overstock.com


Hire a Licensed Electrician For Wall Sconce Installation

When it comes to installing any type of wall sconce, it’s always a good idea to call a licensed electrician. KB Electric LLC installs many different types of wall sconces on a monthly, if not weekly basis. We can provide you with dimmer switches to control the light output depending on the type of wall sconce you pick to enhance mood setting, and save on energy. 

Why should you call an electrician for installation for your wall sconces? It makes the most sense! A licensed electrician can:

  • Install light fixtures accurately and in a timely manner (always on point!)
  • Provide you with lighting knowledge, so you’ll know which type and style works best for any room in your home
  • Install new switches with ease
  • Provide you with dimmer switch options
  • Show you what it takes to wire your wall sconces correctly for safety and NEC requirements