Well Lights: The Landscape Lighting Option That May Be Right For You

When we talk about landscape lighting, we are referring to lighting up our beautiful property when the sun goes down. This could be anything from illuminating your lovely flower beds, shrubbery, and trees, to your cobblestone walkways, decks, patios, swimming pool areas…etc. The list goes on! One type of outdoor lighting fixture used for landscape lighting is known as a well light. Well lights can be used for many things….so let’s show you some examples and discuss your options!


What is a Well Light?

Well lights are landscape lighting fixtures that are recessed in the ground. This means they are installed/mounted in the ground, or underwater (so yes, they are wet-rated fixtures).

These lighting fixtures direct light upwards, so they are a great option for uplighting. Because they are installed in-ground, well lights are discrete landscape fixtures and best if you are going for the “hidden” light fixture look.


What Are Well Lights Used For?

A well light can installed in so many settings: in-ground for your walkways/pathways, in front of plants (trees, shrubbery, bushes etc.), installed in your ponds or swimming pools, installed around your ponds or swimming pools to illuminate certain features like water fountains, etc., and a slew of other things. Well lights are also ideal for highlighting buildings, architectural features, and flag poles.

Again, if you want an upward directional light fixture that doesn’t stick out (unobtrusive), well lights are the right option for you.


Types Of Well Lights

Obviously, the choice is yours when it comes to the type and style of your well light. There are so many different style options like rustic, contemporary, traditional, etc. When we talk about the type of well light fixture, we are referring to the following:

Open Face Style

Grill Cover Style

Glare Shield Style

Directional Top Style


Hire a Licensed Electrician For Installation 

Not sure which voltage type to choose for your well light? Unsure which style would best illuminate a specific landscape feature? Confused about color temperature for the bulb type?

Licensed electricians like KB Electric LLC are your “go-to” landscape lighting experts! We have the knowledge and expertise in the field to help you out with all of your outdoor lighting decisions. 

Not ready to dive into that pond yourself to install your new well lights? We didn’t think so….(and don’t think you should).

That’s why we are here to install your well lights for you! Water and electric don’t mix. If you aren’t familiar with installing any type of light fixture, in water or out of water, it’s best that you hire a licensed electrician for professional installation. 

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