3 Reasons Why an Electrical Safety Inspection Is Needed

An electrical safety inspection is an in-depth evaluation of your home or business’ electrical system based around the National Electrical Code (NEC) safety standards. An examination of your electrical wires, parts, and appliances are checked to ensure safe and efficient operation. A licensed electrician like one from KB Electric LLC can perform an inspection of the electrical system and its components, and provide a full checklist of areas that may need immediate remedy or improvement.


Many homeowners or business owners fail to get a routine electrical safety inspection done, and later down the road it bites them in the butt. The point of an electrical safety inspection IS NOT to make up things that need to be done to get money out of you. The main reasons for getting an electrical safety inspection done are for preventative measures so that your home or business stays safe, and so that you don’t need to shell out big bucks in the future. Simple as that.

electrical safety inspection - burnt wire

An Electrical Safety Inspection Finds Burnt Wires in Main Panel


3 Reasons to get an Electrical Safety Inspection Done


  • An inspection can identify any problems with electrical wires, circuits, connections, or oversized breakers and fuses that could pose many risks such has electrocution or fire hazards.
  • An inspection can identify any problems with wiring done by an amateur (not a licensed electrician) that could also prevent electrical hazards such as a fire.
  • An inspection can identify outdated wiring like knob and tube or aluminum that could pose as a risk for another fire-starter in the home.
  • An inspection can prevent surprise work needing to be done that can cost you a lot of money. Routinely checking your electrical system can help prevent bigger damages from occurring, keeping your wallet at ease.
  • An inspection can prevent a hold up from occurring when buying, selling, or remodeling a home. If everything with your electrical wiring and components is checked routinely, there will be no surprise delays when it comes to purchasing or remodeling a home or business.

  • Faulty wiring and circuits can cause a lot of energy, meaning a bigger electricity bill. An inspection can identify wiring and circuits that have been connected incorrectly to help reduce energy consumption.
  • Adding appliances to your home or business should prompt you to get an electrical safety inspection conducted for ensuring proper operations of the appliance. Example: if your new appliance is too much for your electrical load to handle, you could risk blowing out circuits or fuses, or even damaging the appliance. An inspection can identify the proper load amount for the new appliance before you go to plug in, which can save you costs on repairs down the road.