Amazon’s Ring Is Making A Smart Light Bulb: Here’s What We Know

KB Electric LLC installs many Ring video doorbell systems, along with Ring’s other smart home security products like their motion-activated floodlight camera. It only makes sense that we inform our customers of some new and exciting news with the Ring product line! So here it is, even if we don’t know much yet: Ring is in the works with its first smart light bulb, resembling a floodlight light bulb.


Brief Ring Background 

Ring is a smart home security company founded by Jamie Siminoff in 2013. His company was first debuted as Doorbot, and appeared on the well-known TV show, Shark Tank. Although no sharks gained a piece of Siminoff’s company, it began to grow after rebranding it as Ring. In February of 2018, Amazon acquired the company and the product line continues to grow to date. 

So far, Ring has the following smart home security devices in its product line:

  • Video Doorbells
  • Spotlight Security Camera
  • Floodlight Security Camera
  • Indoor Security Cameras
  • Alarm Security Systems
  • Smart Lighting Products
    • Motion-Activated Pathway Lights
    • Smart Floodlights
    • Smart Deck/Step Lights
    • Smart Low Voltage Transformers 

…and other types of smart devices and accessories for the Ring smart home security system lineup.


Ring To Expand Lighting Products To Include Smart Light Bulb

According to a document published by the FCC, Ring is now expanding its lighting product line with a smart light bulb.

Amazon hasn’t released any news or information about their first smart light bulb, but the document does indicate a rough diagram of a replaceable floodlight-shaped light bulb. The only detail in the FCC filing indicates Bluetooth capability. The difference between this new smart bulb and Ring’s existing floodlight devices would be the use of their first smart light bulb in a homeowner’s existing light socket (we assume).

Whether or not the new smart light bulb will require Ring’s Bridge to hookup and communicate with other Ring lighting products isn’t clear yet. The Ring Bridge is Ring’s central hub which also allows homeowners to connect all of Ring’s lighting devices together to control them from anywhere.

Once we know more about Ring’s first smart light bulb, we will update you!