Ballast Replacement: Do You Need One?

KB Electric LLC is your number one ballast replacement expert in Southeastern PA. Seriously, I know that sounds cheesy, but we do a lot of them! From warehouses to stores, to commercial buildings and offices, we get enough phone calls to know how to replace a ballast correctly, and priced competitively. But this blog isn’t about the company….you can read our homepage and service pages for that 😉


Fluorescent Lighting (Office) - Ballast Replacement

Fluorescent Lighting (Office) – Ballast Replacement


For those of you who do not know what a ballast actually is, let’s first explain what one is and how it works before we give the tell-tale signs that a ballast replacement is needed.


What is a Ballast?

A ballast is used for fluorescent lighting in places like stores, commercial buildings, warehouses, etc. Ballasts control and stabilize the voltage and current (light output) for fluorescent bulbs. Without a ballast, a bulb in a fluorescent lighting system would overheat and burn out.


How Does a Ballast Work?

Before you can tell if a ballast replacement is needed, it’s good to know how ballasts work. There are two types of ballasts: magnetic and electronic.


A magnetic ballast uses a transformer to control the electric current. The transformer consists of a coil wire (inductor) that produces a magnetic field. The magnetic field slows down the current which allows the fluorescent bulb to properly put out the correct amount of light.


An electronic ballast is the improvement of the magnetic ballast. It uses electronic circuitry to regulate current flow for the proper output of light. Compared to magnetic ballasts, electronic ballasts operate at a substantially higher frequency. This high frequency allows for the elimination of humming noises and flickering lights we sometimes experience from a magnetic ballast. Electronic ballasts also run more efficiently than magnetic ballasts because they run a lot cooler.


Signs It’s Time For A Ballast Replacement

  • A bulb does not turn on after replacing with a new one
  • A buzzing sound is coming from the fixture
  • A flickering bulb
  • A bulb struggles to turn itself on


Should I Call An Electrician For A Ballast Replacement?

If you suspect your ballast needs replacing, call an electrician right away. KB Electric LLC will troubleshoot the issue and be able to tell you if its the light bulb itself, or if a ballast replacement is needed. If you are experiencing any of the tell-tale signs listed above, its best you call a licensed electrician sooner rather than later so you do not damage the fluorescent light bulbs in the ballast.


Obviously we will tell you, YES, please call a licensed electrician to replace a ballast. This is not to get your money, but to keep you safe! Replacing a ballast requires cutting and rewiring of the electrical wires, so if you do not know what you are doing, you can damage the ballast and bulbs, and even electrocute yourself. NOT GOOD!


So, if your business, garage, or even your home needs a ballast replacement, call KB Electric LLC! (267) 467-3178