Bathroom Exhaust Fan Timer Switch: A Must Have

I wrote a blog back in June about the importance of exhaust fans and proper ventilation for your home bathroom. One of the other important aspects worth mentioning in today’s blog is about owning a bathroom exhaust fan timer switch. Sure, having a bathroom exhaust fan is crucial for the prevention of mold and mildew, and keeping the air fresh. But if you have family members in the house that are forgetful to turn the fan off, you are wasting energy by having it run constantly when not shut off. A licensed master electrician at KB Electric LLC can install an exhaust fan timer switch for your bathroom exhaust fan, which will help you control the amount of time needed for proper ventilation. It’s a convenience factor and a money saver at the same time. An exhaust fan timer switch will allow you to walk away after a nice hot shower knowing your bathroom is properly ventilating even after you leave, without worry to remember to go back in and turn the fan off.


If you have family members in the house that are forgetful to even turn the exhaust fan on, you are not ventilating the bathroom at all, defeating the purpose of owning one to begin with. Eliminating humidity and other air contaminants may require the exhaust fan to run during and after showering. There is an exhaust fan timer switch out there called SmartExhaust that can replace both your light and fan switch, which allows you to control your exhaust fan and set a delay timer. The delay timer will keep the fan running after the switch is turned off to give you more ventilation time when exiting the bathroom, and will shut off automatically after a set time that is programmed (example: 10 minutes after the switch is turned to the off position). Because the SmartExhaust fan switch has the option to be wired into your existing lighting as well, you won’t have to tell the kids again to remember to turn on the exhaust fan before hopping into the shower, as it will turn the bathroom lights on with the flick of the switch as well as the fan.


In conclusion, owning an exhaust fan isn’t enough to ensure proper ventilation of your bathroom. Installing an exhaust fan timer switch, whichever type you prefer, will allow you to control how much time your bathroom needs to eliminate humidity and contaminants in the air, while giving you peace of mind that it will turn off automatically after a set time. Don’t let your exhaust fan run too long or too little. Get an exhaust fan timer switch installed by one of our licensed electricians at KB Electric LLC to ensure proper ventilation controlled by you for the perfect amount of time necessary.