Bedside Bearer: First Ever Wall Mounted, Motion-Activated Night-light Cup Holder

Meet the Bedside Bearer: the first ever wall mounted, motion-activated night-light cup holder equipped with a fiber optic LED light. This LED light wraps around the ring of the cup holder and is gentle on the eyes so as to not disturb your circadian rhythm. Fitting all types of drinkware, the Bedside Bearer is patent-pending, made in America, and installs to virtually all types of wall surfaces. 

But why a wall mounted cup holder you may ask? Isn’t that what my nightstand is for? Let’s give you a little background of how the Bedside Bearer came to fruition, describe how it works, the goal of the product, and the vision of the company behind this patent-pending invention.



How The Bedside Bearer All Began

First of all, let’s explain why KB Electric LLC is blogging about the Bedside Bearer to begin with. Not only is it an electrical innovation that deals with LED fiber optics and is a first of its kind, but the owner of KB Electric LLC created it. That’s right! Owner and operator, Keith Busby of KB Electric LLC came up with this invention while laying in bed one night. If you know Keith like I do (because I’m his wife), you know that he constantly spills his glass of water onto his nightstand and floor in the middle of the night. He can’t see in the pitch black of the night, and constantly fumbles around looking for his cup of water to quench his dry mouth. 

The dropped glasses of water was so bad that while moving our old furniture into our new home, Keith noticed mold on the back of his nightstand. This is no joke.

So, we laid there and after the thousandth time of spilling his water onto the floor, the lightbulb clicked on. “I need a cup holder with a light on it!” 

After the idea came to him, Keith called up his buddy, Kevin and they decided to create the one-of-a-kind invention. After three years of development and research and three prototypes later, the Bedside Bearer is patent-pending and almost ready for production.



Why The Bedside Bearer?

  • Made in America!
  • Declutters your nightstand, giving you more space for books, reading glasses, tissues, iPad, mouth guard, smart phone, alarm clock, etc. (LESS CHANCE FOR SPILLS!)
  • Perfect for quenching the thirst in the morning and in the middle of the night.
  • Your drink can hang on your wall in smaller spaces without a nightstand.
  • The illumination from the Bedside Bearer won’t wake your spouse, and you won’t need to turn on any bedroom lights.
  • Gentle LED fiber optic light won’t disrupt circadian rhythm. 
  • Versatile: The Bedside Bearer isn’t just for bedrooms. It can accommodate any space with minimal furniture like your garage/shed, RV camper, small living room, etc.
  • Perfect gift ideas for anyone!
  • Fits a wide variety of drinkware.
  • Sleek design complements any home decor.


How Does The Bedside Bearer Work?

Once you attach your Bedside Bearer to any flat wall surface, you are all set for the Bedside Bearer to hold any type of drinkware. This motion-activated LED fiber optic cup holder operates with 2 AAA batteries. Just wave your hand in the vicinity of the cup holder, and the gentle LED light turns on via a motion sensor. The LED fiber optic light featured on the ring has a soft glow and is gentle on the eyes. It will give enough light to see your cup without disturbing or waking up your partner.


Giving Back

The Bedside Bearer simplifies needing a drink at night, but there are many around the world who do not have access to any water at all, day or night. That is why 5% of the profits will go towards World Vision. This non-profit creates wells for people who need clean drinking water.


Where Can I Buy a Bedside Bearer?

The kickstarter page to help with funding for the production of the Bedside Bearer is coming soon! Check out the website for more info:

Please send the company an email if you are interested in buying a Bedside Bearer and for up-to-date information about the process of its development. Email:

We will update this section of the blog with the Bedside Beater kickstarter page when it goes live!