Bluetooth Bathroom Exhaust Fans: All About Them and Top Rated Picks

KB Electric LLC recently installed a bluetooth bathroom exhaust fan for one of our customers. When the pictures came in after the installation, it was a no-brainer to do a blog on these new tech bathroom fans. Bluetooth bathroom exhaust fans do two things: pump out your favorite tunes, and ventilate your bathroom. Let’s see discuss how they work, your top rated options, and why to hire a licensed and insured electrician for bathroom exhaust fan installation.



What Is a Bluetooth Bathroom Exhaust Fan?

A bluetooth bathroom exhaust fan is a bathroom fan with a wireless, bluetooth compatible, built-in speaker. 

Just like your standard bathroom exhaust fan, these new tech exhaust fans take out the steam and moisture in the air to keep your bathroom free from mold, mildew, peeling paint, bad odors, etc.

Proper ventilation to the outside of the home is also a must for any type of bathroom exhaust fan, whether it is bluetooth compatible or not. Simply venting the exhaust fan to the attic is a no-no! Click here to read why.

Also like your standard bathroom exhaust fan, bluetooth bathroom exhaust fans have CFM (cubic feet per minute) ratings. CFM measures the amount of air the exhaust fan can move. The larger the bathroom, the higher the CFM rating is needed for your exhaust fan. 


How Bluetooth Bathroom Exhaust Fans Work

Like with any bluetooth speaker, the speaker on the exhaust fan pairs with a bluetooth compatible device (like your smartphone, tablet, computer, etc.). Simply search for the speaker on your device and pair it for connection. Put on your favorite Pandora radio station, podcast, downloaded music, Spotify station, etc, and out pours your favorite tunes, or talk radio guest. 

Some brands of bluetooth bathroom exhaust fans have an option to leave the speaker on at all times, or require it to power on with a wall switch. 


Choosing The Right Bluetooth Bathroom Exhaust Fan

There are many brands of bluetooth bathroom exhaust fans on the market. The first step is to decide what rated CFM fan you need for your bathroom, depending on its size. Measure the square footage of your bathroom (you’ll need at least 1 CFM per square foot). Some brands carry different CFM options to best suit your bathroom size.

The next step is to do some research for top rated brands of bluetooth bathroom exhaust fans. Read some reviews on how noisy the fan is (rated in sones), the quality of the speaker sound, etc. It’s easy to pick the cheapest one on Amazon to save a few bucks, but it may not work as efficiently, or come with a quality speaker that outputs sound as good as one with a higher price tag.

Some popular brands found online that we’ve seen:


Hire a Licensed and Insured Electrician For Bluetooth Bathroom Exhaust Fan Installation

KB Electric LLC installs many different types of bathroom exhaust fans. You’ll want a professional like a licensed and insured electrician to install your bluetooth bathroom exhaust fan because electricians know how to wire and ventilate exhaust fans properly and up-to-code. 

Licensed and insured electricians know the latest NEC (National Electrical Code) requirements for safety and compliance, and they have the proper tools, electrical knowledge, and field experience to get the job done right the first time.

Call the KB Electric LLC team serving all of Southeastern, PA for any bathroom exhaust fan installation. (267) 467-3178