Bollard Lights For Exterior Landscape Lighting

KB Electric LLC just finished an awesome job for a commercial property involving bollard lights. So today we are going to blog all about bollard lights, their usefulness, and who to call for installation.


What Are Bollard Lights?

A bollard light fixture is a type of fixture that is used for exterior landscape lighting that is ground-mounted. As pictured below, the light fixture is on a bollard, which is a short vertical post. Bollard lighting comes in various types and styles for individual preference. You’ll most likely see a bollard light on commercial properties along pathways and at the front of building entrances. These fixtures can also be used for residential landscape lighting as well. 

As with many other types of residential and commercial light fixtures, bollard lighting can either have LED, halogen, incandescent, metal halide, or fluorescent bulbs; however, the majority you will find now are of the LED type. LEDs are more energy efficient than their counterparts, and we recommend going with this option for efficiency, longevity of the bulb, and savings.


bollard light installation

Bollard Light Installation


Uses Of Bollard Lights

Bollard light fixtures can be used to:

  • Illuminate Pathways
  • Highlight Trees, Gardens, and Shrubbery
  • Illuminate Driveways
  • Illuminate Parking Lots
  • Illuminate Building Entrances



bollard lights

bollard lights


Types Of Bollard Lights 

Line Voltage

This type of bollard lighting uses line voltage, or 120v, similar to your standard home outlets. 

Low Voltage

This type of bollard light uses low voltage and a transformer to step the voltage down from 120v to 12/24v.


Using the power of the sun, solar bollard lights are powered by sunlight.


bollard light installation


Styles of Bollard Light Fixtures

There are many different styles and shapes of bollard light fixtures. The main designs you will find online on Home Depot’s website have a rounded dome top, square top, or a circular flat top. A wide variety to match any type of property, these exterior lighting fixtures come in many finishes such as stainless steel, bronze, amber, black, aluminum etc. 


Hire A Licensed Electrician For Bollard Light Installation

The master electricians at KB Electric LLC can install any and all types of bollard light fixtures for your commercial or residential property. We can recommend the best type, and the specific amount of bollard lights needed for any exterior landscape area. Our licensed and insured electricians have the field experience and NEC (National Electrical Code) knowledge to install them safely and properly. Call us today for all of your bollard light installation needs! (267) 467-3178