Create Your Own Lamp with Paint and Paper: The Electric Paint Lamp Kit

At KB Electric LLC, we love finding new and exciting inventions and innovations relating to energy and electricity. Today we found one on the infamous Kickstarter website. If you’ve thought you’ve seen it all, think again. The company Bare Conductive based in London, UK has unveiled The Electric Paint Lamp Kit. Just like it sounds, this awesome kit allows you to build your own lamp out of paper and conductive electrical paint. Perfect for any type of application, the Electric Paint Lamp Kit can be assembled and used for task lighting, and even ambiance lighting for a bedside lamp, desk light, or whatever you can come up with!

So far, Bare Conductive has raised a whopping $73,957.00 (as of today, October 16th at 12:53PM EST), meeting its $21,945 goal to fund the project. With 10 more days left, backers can receive one lamp kit (includes 3 lamp types) at a price of £32 (about $43.00), and receive it December of this year (ships anywhere around the world). Other options are available for backers who want more than one kit. 

Need a holiday gift idea for the creative mind in the family? You know, the one who loves those DIY projects to build their very own custom creations? Watch the video below to see how the Electric Paint Lamp Kit works.



The Electric Paint Lamp Kit: How Does It Work?

As seen in the video, the idea of illumination on paper works with a conductive paint used to make circuits and power buttons, along with Bare Conductive’s already assembled Light Up Board. By simply attaching the Light Up Board to the paper after using the paint, and connecting the micro USB cord to it, you’ll have a light source ready to go when you plug the other end of the micro USB cord into a cell phone charger or laptop, etc.

The electric paint is non-toxic and water based, able to move currents to light up a light and create a motion sensor.

The Electric Lamp Kit comes with three different lamp templates: Touch Lamp, Dimmer Lamp, and the Proximity Lamp.  

How Can I Get The Electric Paint Lamp Kit? 

Hop on over to the company’s Kickstarter website to become a backer by pledging £32 (about $43.00), and receive one Electric Paint Lamp Kit, complete with the three types of lamps mentioned. Visit: