Drip Loops: Are They Present On Your Weatherhead?

KB Electric LLC provides electrical safety inspections for homeowners and business owners for their whole electrical system. This means that our licensed electricians provide a thorough inspection of your indoor (main electrical panel, outlets, surge protection, etc.) and outdoor (service head, meter socket, grounding etc.) electrical wiring and equipment. One of the items on our safety checklist is the inspection of proper drip loops going into your weatherhead. Let’s explain…


drip loops


What Is a Weatherhead?

First, let’s explain a little bit of what a weather head is. The weatherhead (also known as the service head, weathercap, or service entrance cap) is a weatherproof cap that protects the entry point connections for electricity entering your home from the utility lines. In other words, it protects the service drop entry point where the overhead cables on the utility line connect to bring power into your home.

The weatherhead’s cap protects the connections from any rain, snow, etc. from dripping into your main electrical panel by fitting securely overtop the service mast (vertical conduit attached to the weatherhead and service drop).


What Are Drip Loops?

Before we define these, you’ll need to know what the service drop is. The service drop refers to the wires from the utility poles coming into the entry point of the house (where the weatherhead is). Before the service drop can enter the entry point on your home where the weatherhead is, you need proper drip loops coming off of the service drop.

Drip loops are basically looped wires (with a U-shaped bend) that are spliced off of the service drop and are connected into the weatherhead. Any moisture can then run off of the bottom of the drip loops.


Why Do We Need Drip Loops?

You need drip loops to prevent water from running down the service drop and flowing into the weatherhead and down the service mast, which ends up in your main electrical panel. Plain and simple.  


No Drip Loop? Hire A Licensed Electrician

Older homes may not have drip loops present on their service entry point between their weatherhead and the service drop. If this is the case, it is the responsibility of the homeowner, and NOT the utility company (PECO, etc.).

Your local licensed electrician can help you with this! We can inspect your service entry point which includes your service entrance conductors, weatherhead, service mast, and drip loops, and fix or replace anything that is necessary.

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