Dryer Booster Fan: What Is It And How Does It Work?

We recently got a call from a customer this week who was in need of a dryer booster fan replacement. We realized we haven’t done a blog about one of these bad boys yet, so of course it was a no-brainer that we write one today! Let’s get right into what a dryer vent booster fan is, how it works, why you may need one, and who to call for installation.



Dryer Booster Fan - Fantech



What Is A Dryer Booster Fan?

A dryer vent booster fan is a fan that connects to your dryer duct to help increase airflow. The boost in airflow with a fan like this allows for the successful removal of built-up dryer lint in your ductwork, as well as efficient drying time of your clothing.



How Do Dryer Booster Fans Work?

Dryer booster fans utilize backward inclined blades to effectively pull air out of the duct while allowing for other debris like dryer lint to pass through. 



Do I Need A Dryer Vent Fan?

You may need a booster fan for your dryer if you are experiencing long drying times, if your duct run for your dryer is over 25 feet long, or if your duct run for your dryer has multiple bends. If you are noticing that you need continual duct cleanouts from dryer lint and debris, you may also benefit from a booster fan for your dryer.



Benefits of Dryer Booster Fans

  • Extended ventilation.
  • Reduced drying time for your clothing.
  • Reduced energy consumption since your dryer won’t be running as long. (50% or more!)
  • Reduce fire hazard of lint build-up.
  • You won’t need continuous duct cleanouts from a professional. (saves you cash!)



Who Can Install My Dryer Booster Fan?

Hire a professional who is licensed and insured to install your new dryer vent fan. The master electricians at KB Electric LLC can help install any and all types of booster fans for any ductwork. We are licensed and insured, versed in the NEC (National Electric Code), and our techs have the proper tools and equipment for safe installation. Call us today! (267)-467-3178