Electric Radiant Floor Heating: All About It

Electric radiant floor heating is a great feature your remodeled or new bathroom can’t live without! Well, we think that YOU can’t live without! Picture the scenario that happens to many homeowners throughout the night:


It’s 2:30 in the morning and your body wakes you up out of a deep sleep to alert you that the bladder needs emptying. You groggily get out of bed, turn the hallway light on, and mosey on into the bathroom. Immediately, your body feels this ice cold chill running through it as you step onto the cold bathroom floor. If you weren’t awake getting there, you are now! This not just happens in the summer when your A/C is turned up. It happens in the winter even when your heat system is pumping. Those cold tiles need some loving warmth too, and that is why electric radiant floor heating is a great option to keep your toes toasty, especially in the middle of the night.


electric radiant floor heating


What is Electric Radiant Floor Heating?

Electric radiant floor heating is a heating system that supplies heat directly to the flooring of a room. The system consists of electric wire or mats secured with electric wire that is placed under the flooring.


How Does Electric Radiant Floor Heating Work?

Electric radiant floor heating uses electricity to heat up the wires underneath the flooring which then heats the floors. Because electric radiant floor heating is commonly used as a secondary heating source for specific rooms, it is generally controlled via a thermostat or a switch.


Uses of Electric Radiant Floor Heating

Many types of flooring can be used with electric radiant floor heating such as tile, stone, carpet, hardwood, wood, and concrete. And because there are so many types of flooring that it works with, it’s not just for bathrooms. You can install electric radiant floor heating in any room of the home!


Electric radiant floor heating can very well be used as the primary heating source for a room, and not just solely for heating the floors. This can get expensive though if you choose to put the system in every room of the house as the primary heat source because the cost of electricity isn’t that cheap. With that being said, many people choose to use electric radiant floor heating for only certain rooms of the house (i.e. bathroom) as a secondary heating option in conjunction with a primary heating system such as forced air furnaces, hot water boilers, electric heat pumps, and propane, oil, or gas furnaces.


Have a Licensed Electrician Install Electric Radiant Floor Heating

A licensed electrician from our team at KB Electric LLC can install your electric radiant floor heating system for you, and we recommend it if you aren’t familiar with electrical work. One of our master electricians will be able to wire the system to a thermostat so that it can be controlled easily.


Of course, it’s definitely easier and less expensive to install electric radiant floor heating when you are re-doing the flooring of a room or building an addition where the flooring hasn’t been built yet. It is an ideal add-on option when remodeling, building new homes, or adding an addition so that the heating system can be installed before the floor is laid down.


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