Electric Wall Heater Installation: Pottstown, PA Electrician

Our scheduling and operations manager, Sean B, has recently installed a Cadet electric wall heater for his in-law suite project. Sean ranted and raved about this Cadet brand of in-wall electric heater, so much so that it prompted us to write a blog and install one for one of our customers just recently. Let’s talk about the Cadet electric fan-forced wall heater, and why a licensed and insured electrician should be the one to hire for superb installation.





What is an electric wall heater?

Electric wall heaters require no duct work and work purely on electric with fan-forced heat. Some have thermostats built in, wifi-compatibility, remote controls, and varying wattage options. 


Cadet Electric Fan-Forced Heater

A great alternative to baseboard heaters are electric wall heaters. There are many different brands of in-wall electric heaters on the market with varying wattages and additional features like built-in thermostats, “smart” wi-fi capabilities, remote controls, etc. Today we are going to feature the Cadet brand, and hone in on the Com-Pak model. But first… 

Cadet makes different types of electric wall heaters:

  • Apex72 (installation high up on the wall)
  • Register (your traditional look and feel of your register vent without the duct work)
  • RBF (for the bathroom)
  • Energy Plus (uses up to 30% less energy than regular heaters)
  • Com-Pak (powerful with easy install)
  • Com-Pak Bath (built-in timer and thermostat)
  • Com-Pack Twin (two heaters in one)

To learn more about each one, visit Cadet’s website here.


Cadet Com-Pak Electric Fan-Forced Heater

This is the wall heater that our guy Sean installed for his personal use. If it’s owned and operated by an electrician, it must be great! The Cadet Com-Pak comes in white, black, or almond color. Within the Com-Pak model, there are varying options like built-in thermostat, no thermostat, and different wattages. To know which wattage to get for your space/room, Sean says the rule of thumb is to go about 10 watts per square footage. Wattage options include: 1000, 2000/1500, 1500, 1000/750, 1500/1125.

*KB Electric LLC recommends installing a digital thermostat with the heater if it is the fan-forced option. If you don’t have a thermostat when it is fan-forced air, you run the risk of blowing out the motor if you do not have a fan setting on your thermostat. Also to note: using a digital thermostat on your wall in conjunction with the electric wall heater is best because it will give the most accurate read of the room’s temperature (as opposed to the thermostat built into the wall heater) as it is taking the temperature at the unit, and not really the whole room.* 


Hiring a Licensed and Insured Electrician for In-Wall Electric Heater Installation

KB Electric LLC installs a lot of electric heaters, and recommends in-wall electric heaters to heat a specific space/room, much like the Cadet brand. Our electricians can help you determine which model is best for you and can help you determine what size wattage you will need.

Because many electric wall heaters are hardwired (not using a traditional plug), they should be on their own dedicated line. Also because of this, an insured professional like a licensed electrician should be the only one to install an in-wall electric heater for safety and efficiency. 

Our team of licensed electricians are based out of Pottstown/Limerick, PA, and serve all of Montgomery, Berks, Bucks, Chester, and Delaware, PA counties. KB Electric LLC can install any and all electric heaters based on your specific needs. Call us today! (267) 467-3178