Emergency Lighting & Exit Sign Lighting: Electrician Services Southeastern PA

Do you own or rent a building for a business in the Southeastern, PA area? Does the building for your business have functional emergency lighting and exit sign lighting? Are you getting a new property for a business that needs emergency lights and exit sign lights? Whether you are in need of someone to fix/test your existing emergency and exit sign lights, or in need of new installation, KB Electric LLC is only a phone call away.


emergency lighting and exit sign lighting

Emergency Lighting and Exit Sign Lighting


KB Electric LLC serves all counties in Southeastern PA, including the Philadelphia area. We are licensed and insured electricians that are experienced with the installation and troubleshooting of emergency lights and exit sign lights. Whether your building is for a small business, church, school, department store, apartment complex etc, KB Electric LLC does all emergency lighting services for any type of property. 


Emergency Lighting

Emergency lighting is also referred to as egress lighting. The purpose for emergency lighting is to provide safety for all employees, customers, personnel, etc in the event of an electrical emergency where there is a power outage. Emergency lights are battery-backed light fixtures that, in the event the power goes out, automatically turn on to provide illumination. Emergency lights must be installed in all areas leading to exits of a building so that everyone can safely exit the building in case of an emergency. Areas where emergency lights need to be installed include corridors, hallways, ramps, aisles, etc., as well as near all exit locations. 


emergency lighting and exit sign lighting

Emergency Lights and Exit Sign Lights


There are many requirements for commercial and industrial buildings under specific agencies including the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) for the proper installation of emergency lighting. The Life Safety Code under the NFPA has specific requirements for emergency lighting. KB Electric LLC is knowledgeable about what type of emergency light fixtures to install, and where to install them to meet the required codes and regulations.  


Exit Sign Lighting

Under Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requirements, all exits of a building must be clearly marked with an illuminated exit sign. The NFPA also has requirements for exit sign lighting which includes where the exit signs should be placed, the specific types of illumination for the exit signs, and visibility rules. KB Electric LLC is familiar with all regulations and codes, including the building codes particular to the location of your property.


emergency lighting exit sign lighting

Exit Sign Lighting


Because exit sign lighting is mostly hardwired through your main electrical panel, it’s always best to leave this installation to a licensed electrician. Because there are different types of exit sign lighting, the licensed electricians at KB Electric LLC can provide suggestions so that the exit sign you choose is compliant with your building’s code requirements. Some of the different exit signs available include:

  • Exit Sign / Emergency Light Combination 

  • LED Exit Signs

  • Wet Location Exit Signs

    …and many more.


Why Choose KB Electric For Emergency and Exit Sign Lighting?

We are licensed, insured, knowledgable, professional electricians that know the codes and regulations needed to provide you with up-to-date safety for your business. Let us illuminate your building when the lights go out during any type of emergency. KB Electric LLC can also test your emergency lighting system to ensure it will go on automatically when there is a power outage. We provide exceptional troubleshooting services for your existing emergency lighting and exit sign lighting, as well as fixing and/or replacing of the entire system. Call us today! (267) 467-3178