Garage Electrical Wiring: Hire A Licensed Electrician

There are so many things that a residential or commercial garage may need, electrically speaking. Whether you have a home garage that needs updated wiring, or a commercial garage that needs new wiring and electrical outlets installed, a licensed electrician is the professional to call. Garage electrical wiring services are done correctly, and efficiently when handled by an electrician. 


Types of Garage Electrical Wiring Services An Electrician Should Do For You

Hiring a licensed electrician is best when your garage needs:

  • Replacement of old receptacles (outlets) with GFCI protected receptacles where needed. (making certain your garage is up to the latest code)


  • Installation of new light fixtures for your garage

    • LED shop lights

    • LED flush mount lights

    • High Bay lighting

    • Strip lights 

    • Work lights

    • Wraparound lights

    • LED Retrofit Kits for your existing lighting


  • Installation of additional receptacles


  • Installation of electric vehicle charging station (or 240v receptacle for cord)


  • Installation of a garage electric heater


  • Dedicated circuits/receptacles for special equipment and/or large appliances

    • Refrigerator/Freezer

    • Electric heater

    • Work equipment


  • Installation of outdoor security lighting outside your garage

    • Motion sensor flood lights

    • Outdoor post lighting

    • Outdoor sconce lighting


  • Installation of outdoor security cameras on the outside of your garage


  • Installation of outdoor wet-rated GFCI receptacles on the outside of your garage


garage electrical wiring - led shop lights

Garage Lighting


garage electrical wiring - led shop lights

Garage Lighting


Why It’s Best For An Electrician To Handle Garage Electrical Wiring, And Not Your Uncle

Garage electrical wiring services should only be dealt with a professional who is versed in the NEC (National Electrical Code) for safety and compliance. An electrician knows how to do everything electrical for your garage because he/she:

  • Has the field experience and knowledge of performing many installations in residential and commercial garages.
  • Has the proper tools for the job so the job is done right the first time.
  • Knows the NEC, ensuring your garage is up-to-code and safe.
  • Works with electrical wiring on a daily basis.
  • Has the knowledge to make suggestions about various lighting fixtures that will work with your particular setup (not all garages are created equal).


Trust The Electricians At KB Electric LLC For Garage Wiring Services

The licensed master electricians at KB Electric LLC can get your garage up and running in no time. Need new lighting? Need additional lighting? Are your outlets up to code? Do the outlets need replacing? In need of a space heater for extra comfort in your garage during those cold, winter months? Call us today! (267) 467-3178