Illuminated House Number Plaque Installation: Hiring An Electrician

KB Electric LLC recently did an illuminated house number plaque installation for one of our customers. The final outcome was stunning, which prompted us to write a blog about illuminated LED house number signs. Let’s discuss what these are, who to call for installation, and the benefits of owning a plaque with your house number brightly illuminated for all to see.


Illuminated House Number Plaque Install


What is an Illuminated House Number Plaque?

Illuminated house number plaques are backlit numbers that you can place on the front of your home or garage. These lighted address signs for your home are mounted to the surface of your home, garage, or other structure near the front of your house. These number plaques are usually weather-resistant, and made of durable material like stainless steel, metal, polymer, and many other different types.  


Illuminated House Number Plaque Installation: How It Works

Many of these backlit LED house numbers come with mounting holes and instructions for install. Many of these illuminated number plaques can also be installed in different ways. For example, some models can be hardwired, used with an existing low voltage landscape lighting system, plugged into a 110v power outlet, and some are even solar powered.

***KB Electric LLC recommends hardwiring your illuminated house number plaque. This ensures that the backlit numbers work seamlessly and continuously without any power disruptions.***


Benefits of LED Backlit House Numbers

There are many benefits of displaying your number portion of your address on the front of your property, whether it is mounted on the front of your home next to your front door, or on the front of your garage next to one of the garage doors.

One of the main and crucial reasons for owning illuminated house numbers is so that first responders and police officers can identify your home quickly at night in the event of an emergency. One of our customers recently commented on our picture of our installation of these number plaques on Facebook and said: “As a first responder I approve of this! One of our hardest things is visibly seeing house numbers.” – Donna Z., Collegeville, PA

Other benefits of having illuminated house numbers on your home:

  • Curb appeal! These backlit numbers really look clean and sharp against a home in the dark.
  • Easily visible at night for other guests as well as first responders.
  • Versatility: many come with mounting hardware for different types of building material (brick, stucco, vinyl, etc.)
  • Versatile designs can compliment any type of house style (contemporary, classic, farmhouse, townhome, victorian… you name it! There are so many design types on the market)


Call An Electrician For Your Illuminated House Number Plaque Installation

KB Electric LLC can install your new LED backlit house numbers for any type and style of home. We recommend using a licensed and insured electrician for installation because electricians have the proper tools for install, know the ins and outs of the NEC, and have the wiring experience as well as the field experience for installing the house numbers properly and safely. 

Our team recommends hardwiring your new backlit house numbers because they will just work better (versus solar, connecting to your existing landscape lighting system, etc.). Of course, KB Electric LLC can install your house numbers any which way they can be based on your personal preference.

Call KB for superb illuminated house number plaque installation! We are licensed and insured, family owned and operated, and use faith-based practices so you can trust us for all of your home electrical needs. (267) 467-3178