Intercom Systems For Your Business: Hire A Licensed Electrician

If you are looking for the added security of an intercom system for your business, apartment building, assisted living center, or even your home, it’s time to contact a licensed electrician. If you are located in the Philadelphia area, or surrounding suburbs of Collegeville, Limerick, Royersford, Pottstown, King of Prussia, Malvern, or ANY other town in Montgomery, Bucks, Berks, Delaware, or Chester county, KB Electric LLC is your “go-to” licensed electrician for this installation. Intercom systems come in a variety of types and brands, so trusting a professional who has experience with them all is of key importance. Depending on your situation, a licensed electrician can go over which type is best suitable for your needs, and can install it properly and efficiently. 


intercom systems - apartment building


Benefits of Intercom Systems

  • Added security for your property

With intercom systems, you can conveniently screen unwanted guests/solicitors who are knocking at your door. The use of an intercom system can also deter the number of intrusions and other potential criminal activities from occurring since a person will have to identify themselves before entering the building. Depending on the brand and type, you can also record the audio and video. This recording capability acts as another deterrence for perpetrators from committing a potential crime in the future.

  • Creates restricted access inside or outside your property

Intercom systems are very versatile. You can install them just about anywhere inside or outside a building. If you need restricted access somewhere like a hallway that only certain personnel are allowed to access, intercom systems are a perfect option for this. 

  • Fast 2-Way Communication

Communication between floors of a building can be accomplished with an intercom system. It’s quick, reliable, and doesn’t cost anything but your electricity usage.

  • Added Value

The installation of intercom systems throughout a building has the potential to increase property value because of the security features.

  • Lowered Insurance Premiums

Because of the added security of intercom systems, some insurance companies may lower your premium. 

  • Convenience

Without leaving your apartment, office, desk, etc., depending on the security features available, an intercom system can lock and unlock a door for entry. What a convenience! 

  • Home Monitoring

Intercom systems aren’t just for businesses and apartment complexes. You can have one installed right outside your home, or inside your home. These systems are great for monitoring children inside as well as outside, especially with video intercom systems.


Video Intercom Systems

A video intercom system gives you the added benefit of being able to see who is at your door, not just hear their voice. They come in a variety of brands and types, allowing customization for your specific needs.


video intercom systems


video intercom systems


Time To Call An Electrician!

Please consider a licensed electrician for intercom system installation. Electricians are versed in the NEC (National Electrical Code), and will be able to wire your intercom system correctly and safely so everything will work seamlessly. If you need a licensed electrician for your business and are considering an intercom system for added security and convenience, call us today! (267) 467-3178


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