LED Pool Light Installation: Hire An Electrician, It’s Not A DIY Project

So you want to add some new lighting for your above ground or in-ground swimming pool, and you say you are the handy type, or so your wife thinks. Your first instinct is to go online, order some new LED light fixtures from Amazon (2-day shipping, YES!), and then hop on over to YouTube for some quick tutorials on how to install them. BUT THIS IS NOT WHAT YOU SHOULD BE DOING! If you are not versed in electrical code, if you aren’t an electrician, if you don’t know what you are doing because you haven’t done it before, PLEASE DO NOT GOOGLE “DIY LED POOL LIGHT INSTALLATION”! 


led pool light installation

LED Pool Light Installation – Mike G. doing the install from KB Electric LLC


Before we get into the reasons on why hiring an electrician is best for installation LED pool lights, let’s go over the reasons one more time why this isn’t a “do-it-yourself” project.


Reasons to NOT Install LED Pool Lights Yourself


  1. Water and electricity do NOT mix.

It’s dangerous when trying something yourself you haven’t done before when it comes to electricity for a large body of water. Because these two things create shock and electrocution, please leave the electrical aspects for your swimming pool to the professionals who are well-trained for this project.

  1. You aren’t versed in NEC (National Electrical Code) requirements

If you are in fact not in the electrical field, chances are you do not have the extensive knowledge on the NEC. Codes are set in place for safety, and if you do not know them, then you could put you and your loved ones at risk when installing something electrical.

  1. You don’t have electrical hands-on experience

You know the saying, practice makes perfect? It’s very true when it comes to electrical work. If you have never attempted a LED pool light installation before, chances are it won’t be done to perfection. This poses safety risks for you trying to install the light, and safety risks for whomever is in your pool once the light is installed by you. 

  1. You could make expensive mistakes that will require an electrician anyway

If something goes wrong, it’s out of your own pocket when doing something like this yourself. You won’t get a money-back warranty, you might need to buy more tools to get the job somewhat completed, and you definitely will need to call a licensed electrician if something goes terribly wrong, adding troubleshooting fees, and extra expenses to fix the problem you made even before the LED pool light installation takes place.


Reasons Why You Need To Hire a Licensed Electrician for LED Pool Light Installation


  • Safety is our top priority when it comes to any electrical installation and repair
  • We are licensed and insured professionals
  • We know the ins and outs of NEC requirements for the safety of you and your family
  • We have the hands-on experience and training to properly install your LED pool light fixtures
  • We can do the job in a pool full of water, as well as in an empty pool
  • We know wiring, so this job will get done timely, efficiently, and correctly
  • We work with many brands of LED pool light fixtures


led pool light installation


LED Pool lighting is a great addition for any type of swimming pool. The hard part is coming to terms with the fact that you need professional help to get the job done right the first time, and to ensure safety isn’t a risk factor. We see so many videos, blogs, articles, etc. that try and “help” swimming pool owners do electrical installations themselves. But if you aren’t a trained, licensed professional, please leave the electrical portion of your swimming pool up to us, because….water and electricity don’t mix. 🙂


KB Electric LLC is your number one licensed and insured swimming pool electrician. Call us any day of the week to schedule LED pool light installation services, and any swimming pool wiring you may need! (267) 467-3178